The Day for documents

  1. Ladies who own or have seen the Day, do you think it is big enough to stuff office documents in it?

    I am looking for a mid-sized bag in Grenat for the occasional times I need to ferry some documents (no more than 50-70 pages) to and from work. I don't want the City, because it would look too much like my red baby Giselle (which is a tad too narrow for documents), and have absolutely no idea where to find the Part-Time in Grenat (my local boutique is only stocking it in Blue India). So I am thinking the Day.

    Another questions: would the Day be too casual for work? I teach at a college.
  2. i think it can fit documents... but the bag is so slouchy, you might need a thick filing document cover so your documents don't fold.
  3. hello roxane! you might want to check out the work bags-- I think it will be most appropriate for your needs
  4. The day will definitely fit the size of documents you carry, but agree with Seahorse, they might get folded unless you have a cover of some sort. I don't think it's too casual for work either. It's gorgeous in the grenat colour too!

    Good luck with your decision, and post pics when you choose.
  5. also check out the bowling b bag! i looove that new style
  6. ^^Yeah, the documents would fit, but the way the Day slouches when worn they'd probably end up creased and squashed. I think the Work would be best, or as emilia said, the new bowling. I think it's easier to fit on the shoulder than the Work.
  7. It really does seem like the Day would wrinkle your documents, unless they were contained within a 3-ring binder kind of thing.

    There are so many styles to choose from now. Have you seen all of these?

    atelier.naff: Balenciaga motorcycle style reference

    What do you think of the Purse? That looks (from the picture) like it would work well for documents and looks very different from the other one you have.

    I have the discontinued flat hobo and it totally works to carry documents, I think because it's flat they sort of stay put.

  8. I have hobos and the purse and don't think either would work for that. Did you try a shopping tote? I think that would be perfect!:yes:
  9. i agree with seahorse,i think work would be better if you want to to hold some documents~
  10. I think the DAy would suit you for work, but I don't think its good for carrying documents. It does hold a lot - I am breastfeeding (just had a baby) and I carry my pump and accessories in my day bag w/ room to spare - it really depends on what you want. I think you need a more structured bag to carry papers in though.
  11. What about the courier? Just a thought....
  12. i also have a purse, and i can't put my documents there. :P
  13. I agree with those that said the Work would be better for carrying documents.
  14. Hi there. I can put a 12 pack of diet coke in my work and it still looks great. the purse, however, has a really narrow opening and i don't think you could get many documents in without squishing them.
  15. LOL!!! :roflmfao: