The Dawgie Daaawg Club

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  1. Hi all

    Her is the club for all those with collars, leashes and carriers for their pets!!

    I have a collar and a leash for my little doggie..
    grisling Vuitton 1.JPG Grisling VUitton 2.JPG
  2. :heart: ur pug and the pix! It's soo cute!:love:
  3. Oh the face on him!
  4. My Cocker Spaniel Bruiser wearing my LV Sunglasses!
  5. Bruiser wearing his LV mono collar and matching leash:
  6. wahahah, he looks like he's an FBI:graucho:
  7. awwww Bruiser is flippen CUTE!!!
  8. omg! i wish my dogies liked lv(and i wish i could afford lv for my dogies!) HAHA!
  9. Thanks Matt. He is such a sweetheart to boot!

    Sleepykitten... the FBI? Heeheeheehee.
  10. What a fun thread!! Hopefully, my two little Chihuahuas will be able to wear the LV collar and lead...I will have to take them to the boutique and try them on my pups!!
  11. are those collars comfy for cats??
  12. Bruiser is the cutest thing ever! He's so pretty.

    My babies have the GM leash and collar. Originally bought for a Cane Corso mastiff but he outgrew then chewed the collar really good before passing it on to his Golden retriever sister when I got her. lol

    I wish they made one big enough to fit my big guy. His neck is over 30 inches tho. He's "plus size" like his mommy (me) ! lol
    I wish I could use the saying that "we aren't fat- we're just fluffy"- but he's not a hairy breed and neither am I!! hehe

    I'm not sure how everyone cares for theirs- but my dog wears hers as an everyday collar and I have gotten so grossed out by it after she rolled in mud previously that I've even washed it in the washing machine and it looks gorgeous still!

    Obviously the vachetta has patina'd tho... lol
  13. I love your pug! I would love to get my pug a collar and lead, and it matches their coat so well!
  14. extremely cute!! :heart: