The date has moved up..

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  1. I just got a call from my SA, the Mono Neverfull will be released on May 18th. I thought I'd pass the information on to all of you who are waiting. :yahoo:
  2. Yay! I can't wait!
  3. oh no.. another bag for me to obsess over..
  4. wow...thanks for sharing info...

  5. ohno ohno ohno ohno.

    argh. oof. day after my college graduation...sounds like that would make a perfect grad present! but I did want the love tote...but I got a love bandeau just the other day...oh my. oh my.

    I can't wait to see this bag! And I can't wait to see all the hot pics of you guys once you get yours!
  6. thanks for the info. i don't know that i'll be getting the bag, because it doesn't fit my tastes, but good info for those who are waiting for it!
  7. thanks! i was excited for this bag... now i'll just have to see if i like it as much in person!
  8. thanks for sharing joie!! gotta think about this one tho....there are always so many bags to choose from in the LV family.
  9. :nuts: that's Friday!!!!!!! I cant wait!!!!!
  10. Sooner than I expected. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Wow so soon? I just saw the book (pre-look book book, LOL!) and there's tons of stuff ladies, I can personally say I am in serious trouble this year.
  12. glad its a permanent collection item. my bf would lose it if i bought another bag within a month.
  13. :nuts: great! now i'm even more excited!
  14. That date is not in the US, correct?
  15. great! I saw the Damier mini Trunk bag pix, it's got red stamps on it! Release in Nov of 07 :yahoo: decisions, decisions, *tsk* *tsk*:P