The darned things kids say!

  1. Haha, one of the funniest things just happened.

    I've got an aunt (*ahem* yes that one) who loooooves to talk and doesn't like to shut up. When playing with Nicole, she keeps talking and talking and talking. Even when she watches TV with her. She will describe every little thing that's happening in the TV Show.

    haha, Nicole was trying to watch TV with her (keep in mind, Nicole is 3) and Nicole turned around to my aunt and gave her one of the most serious looks that she could and said:

    Do you mind!?! I'm trying to watch TV and you keep talking and I can't hear!!!!


    I nearly died when I heard that! Of course it was in broken 3-year old German, but the message still got across, haha!

    Any of your kids say things that make you go :roflmfao:
  2. LOL!! i love how kids can say stuff we adults can't!! so cute~!

    ETA: i don't have kids so i can't add any stories...sorry!
  3. My daughter who is eleven was helping my hubby unpack the shopping the other day and he asked my daughter to put the toiletries upstairs including some tampons for me.

    Are these for me she said :confused1: (even though she has not shown any signs of puberty yet), No, they are mummys replied Hubby.

    But she is far too old to have periods, they would have stopped years ago she says. I am 36 :lol:

    My other daughter, also asked me, if, when I was little, did we ride around in horse and carts :Push:
  4. A few weeks ago, I was teaching my daughter (or so I thought) about living in a Democracy vs. living in a Monarchy. After going thru this loooonnnggg and brilliant explanation, I finally look at her and ask, "So, HERE we live in a.........(trying to prompt the word "democracy"). She look at me completely bewildered and says, "town-housey?"

  5. Lol! That's so cute! I don't have kids, so no stories from me.
  6. Cute, mine are always cracking me up...but can only think of a really embarrassing one right I think I will keep it myself :shame:
  7. LOOOOOOOOOL So cute!! kids say the funniest things sometimes :biggrin:
    Too sleepy to remember anything funny that my daughter said lol it's like my brain is off atm ;)
  8. One evening, I went to one of the discount stores with my friends, Judy and Lisa. Judy brought her two sons, ages 4 and 2. Lisa wanted to look for a new bra, so I went with her to the lingerie department. Judy took her sons to go look at toys. After Lisa found a bra she liked, we met back up with Judy and her sons. Judy's 4 year old looked into the shopping cart and saw the bra. He then looked up at Lisa and said, "Lisa, you have fat boobs!"
  9. this happened when my brother was about 4. he was sitting on the floor and playing when my mom said it was bathtime. he hated taking baths, so he ignored her. after she'd repeated herself a few more times he turned to her and said, "mommy, go play with your toys!" my dad couldn't stop laughing at my mom :lol:
  10. Don't you wish you could get away with that!:lol:
  11. Absolutely!
  12. My favourite quote from my son

    " People were all monkeys, but that was before I was born. I'm not a monkey!!"
  13. :lol: gotta luv the little :angel:'s
  14. Lol! So cute!
  15. My all time most personal fave saying from my daughter..age at a store trying on clothes....nothing is fitting top wise.She looks at me and says in front of everyone..WHY cant I be as flat chested as you..MOM??????

    ARGH...I couldnt stop laughing....