the darkest red

  1. is rouge h the darkest red? which leather is it darkest in?
  2. HiHeels, I think so....if Rouge H were much darker it would be hard to tell what color it is....however, in some skins, Rouge Vif is very dark, for instance, on croc pieces. I have a small piece in Rouge Vif and a small piece in Rouge H and except for the stitching they are very close in hue.

    Naturally, the softer skins seem to soak up more color too...such as clemence.
  3. is marron fonce considered red or brown?? if it's considered a red, that's darker to me than rouge H....but what do i know!? ;)
  4. shoppings, that's a great question.....I *thought* it was a brown with rouge undertones....

  5. ooooooo, interesting.
    marron fonce is darker than rouge h, for sure?
    and now i need a pic of marron fonce, lol
    AND, you would say most colors are darker in clemence than in other leathers? that's good news. thanks so much for this help!
  6. It's a darker chestnut brown and looks dark brown, fonce as a color is added to make it darker as chestnut is quite light in reality.
  7. Rouge H is darker than Marron fonce, at least from the leather swatches I've seen, Can't you ask to see the leather book in your store?
  8. where does marron fonce fit in with ebene and chocolate then? i'm so confused. and what is that color in the link i put in my second post?
  9. HiHeels, I know what is confusing me.....Rouge H is a RED and M Fonce is a brown. The Rodeo wallet on LZ is in the brown family.

    We need to keep our families separate.....( it's still confusing, tho, isn't it?)
  10. This is my marron foncé taurillon clémence JPG birkin.
    I would put it definetly in the brown family (still with some slight red undertones), not in the red family.
    JPG birkin 42 taurillon clémence marron foncé x tPF.jpeg
  11. HH, here's a pic of my Marron Fonce Birkin 30 in Chevre de Coromandel. I'd say it's definitely a dark brown with a reddish hue. This is the true-to-life color and it's even prettier in real life! You can copy it for reference because I'd like to remove it after a while.

    In regular leathers, as far as I've seen over the years, Rouge H is darkest in Togo (in Clemence it's a little more vibrant and a lot prettier, IMHO). In croc, it's very, very dark, kind of like a glass of cab or merlot!

  12. HH, great question and one I've wondered about.

    Sweetea has a gorgeous marron fonce HAC (in reference, members collections):


    it looks to be a brown with red undertones. I have an ebene picotin in clemence, it's brown with black undertones:


    here's my chocolate box Kelly:

    so which leather is used also makes a big difference, as someone already pointed out.
  13. Wow 24,
    where have you been? Been to Paris for your b-day yet or anytime soon?
  14. thank you trama turgo! that picture is helpful.
    thank you isus and shoppingsmycard. it does get confusing. but i think i'm straightened out now. lol

    airmess yes i could. however it's a sunday and it's raining and i'm at home and this is what tpf is for.