The Dark Is Rising


It is what it is
May 25, 2006
Has anyone read this series of books? It's a fantasy series about the battle between the Light and the Dark. It also has a bit of reference to King Arthur and the Holy Grail. The series consisted of five books: "Over Sea, Under Stone," "The Dark Is Rising," "Greenwitch," "The Grey King," and "Silver on the Tree." It was one of my favorite series and they are FINALLY going to make a movie on it!!! Has anyone besides me read this series of books? It was quite well-written.
I have not read those books, but am familiar with King Arthur, and Holy Grail stories... grew up hearing all about them....

Definitely read the series! It was very well-written and the way she interwove the King Arthur legend and tied it with Welsh folklore was amazing. I wish they would do a whole series of movies like they did with "Harry Potter".
These were one of my favourite childhood fantasy books! I have the boxed set and I truly loved them. I sure hope they do a good job on the movie.

I believe they're going to start filming it in 2007 but there hasn't been anyone casted for the roles yet. The guy who direct the screenplay will be the same person who wrote the screenplay for "Trainspotting". Kind of an interesting choice ...