the daria or giselle bag? (from luella!)

  1. as you might now already, i am in LOVE with Luella! i was going to purchase another bag, and i'm thinking white. but i don't know if i should go with the daria leather tote OR leather gisele bag. maybe the daria cause i have a lot of gisele ones? but i just love them...

  2. I don't really like the shape of the Daria tote much, but since you already have more than one Gisele bag, I'd say go with the Daria.
  3. The Daria is OK. I like the Gisele much better. But how many Giseles do you have? Do you have one that you use during warm weather or are they all shelved and you need a light colored one? I see nothing wrong with another Gisele if it means you can use it for another season. On the other hand, I really like the Suzi, especially the hair calf one. [I have a green leather and tan canvas Gisele I LOVE!. If I were in the market for another Luella, it would be the Suzy in hair calf. I think the light color makes it a 12-month bag.]
    suzi 1.jpg suzi 2.jpg
  4. Well, I'll go against the tide here - I love the Daria. I do like the Gisele too, but if you already have a few, maybe its time to make a change?
  5. hi, new here,
    i have the large luella, but it is so heavy that it breaks my back. which size do you have? i love it, but i have to carry it practically empty b/c it needs wheels...
  6. I love the Suzis! They are classic yet trendy. They are great for work as well, not so trendy that they don't look professional. The leather is great, too. Just my 2 cents.
  7. I like the daria
  8. Issmom,
    This is a great looking bag. I would love to own it but always miss it when its in stock. Need to learn to call and hold.
  9. I like the daria! It has the luella style but it also has a hobo feel to it which I like!
  10. The Suzi and the Biker (wish it was available in black) are very nice bags. I'd opt for the Suzi tote.
  11. I love the Suzi!!! The spring '06 colors are great!
  12. just a quicky .... does the Suzi have a zipper that closes teh bag? or is the top open? :smile:
    plus .. i do not like long vertical bags .. sorry ... and also .. the daria looks like a kids bag to me :sad: i dont know its my insane opinion!
  13. It is open top and the leather is great!
  14. Welcome Buddymyeggs!

    I think I like the Daria tote. Like everyone, I agree that you should go with a different shape bag since you have other Giselles. Let us know which you decide on.