the Daphne( from a couple years ago)

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  1. I was making a list off all the Coach purses I have owned over the years. I sold my collection last year on the bay and this site is really making me regret doing that. ( I got rid of over 20 purses/totes.)

    Anyhow, I had totally forgotten about my beautiful lilac leather Daphne satchel. It was just gorgeous and in my opinion one of the prettiest Coaches made. There are a few on the bay right now.

    What do you think, should I replace it or just go for a new style???

    In my early days of collecting, I had a lot of leather /suede. Then I got into signature. I forgot just how gorgeous and rich the all leather bags are. I want all mine back now.

    My oh my, this site is igniting my obsession again. I defected to LV for a bit, but I cannot deny how beautiful Coach is. ((I am scared to carry my LV's sometimes because of the untreated leather. Coach I never had an issue with .))

    Thanks for your input in the Daphne and pardon all my rambling. :smile:
    daphne 1.JPG daphne 2.jpg daphne 3.JPG
  2. i love daphne, always have. i don't own her but i drool whenever i see her! she has the braided handles, right? mmmmm! i would get her again!
    ps~ welcome!!
  3. welcome! :flowers: As far as the Daphne, if you really love it and know you will wear it and want it again, go for it! :tup: If not, I am sure there are other styles out there too.. but that daphne and that color seems like one of a kind. :tup:
  4. yes, she has braided handles... I went back and added pics.
  5. Just saw your pics.. that is a VERY nice bag... if you liked it and you will use it, I would GO FOR IT!!! :yahoo:
  6. haha, i did some searching too. i think i saw a black one for bin 299?? the lilac one is over 600! yikes....
  7. I just called JAX...they have NONE either. I saw the black one for $299- a steal. Just not sure I want black. It would definitely be versatile and stand the test of time( probably more than the lilac) I could add some charms or something to brighten it up.

    I am so bummed, I snagged the lilac at the premium outlets like 2 years ago ( it was a return) for about $300. ouch, that will teach me to sell off my stuff .
  8. Wow that is a beautiful bag. I would probably get the black one. More versatile, although that lavendar is TDF!
  9. you should get it! she would look great w/ a pretty scarf! ok, i'm totally enabling!
  10. I have the black and LOVE it. It has the prettiest lilac satin lining. I always get compliments on it !
  11. I have a metallic belt that same colour and plaited. looks exactly like the straps! I should therefore get one too!!

    Hope you find another one soon!!
  12. just recieved my brown leather daphne off of eBay today and i LOVE her excellent purse so pretty the lilac lining is so lovely. i only wish the straps were a little bit longer. with all that said go for it!
  13. I have the black one as well. And I think she's beautiful. But she's SOOOO heavy to carry. I was thinking it might be time to clear her out and make room for something else...just haven't gotten up the nerve to do it yet!
  14. Uh, I never seen the back, but it is beautiful.
  15. HI,
    I have sold and regretted as well... I hate this feeling. I love the Daphne and always have, never owned her but always admired her. I love the Lilac and if it is some thing you are missing then I would suggest ... get her back because if you didnt really love her, you would not be missing her, RIGHT?
    Best of luck!!!