The dangers of MSG in your food

  1. I don't eat MSG myself because it upsets my stomach, but it can go by different names and it has been possibly linked to weight gain! There are 4 parts but here is a link to the first video:
  2. I've steered clear of MSG for years after a bad reaction. I thought my head was going to explode. The ingredients are in more than we realize, as you say, lori.

    years ago I took Chinese cuisine cooking classes and the instructor used no MSG at all, so it's not necessary for flavor.
  3. It causes swelling in some people, especially after eating it with foods that are heavily salted as well (e.g. the notorious chinese food),

    I wonder if they still make that salt called "Accent" which is 100% MSG ? !!!
  4. ICK... being asian myself.. my mom steers away from cooking with it... while my mother in law... seems to add it to everything. Sometimes eating too much of it makes you nauseous & definitely adds bloating & my mother had also said that eating too much of it could also make your hair fall out! YUCK, I don't see any positives w/ MSG.
  5. This is an amazing revolution to me that MSG causes weight gain. The thing I had always been told before that this was the No. 1 thing NOT to season with - if you have migraine headaches. So since I do have them, I stay away from MSG and always ask at restaurants if they use MSG.

    BUT, my husband, who is on a diet because he has gained weight recently, uses it liberally. I just told him about this and showed him the Youtube bit, and he was amazed. He is now off it for life, so I thank you for pointing this out. Doctors always alert you to stay away from MSG if you have migraines, but this is the first time I've EVER heard about it in connection to weight gain. Thanks again for the heads-up!!