The dangers of drinking and shopping

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  1. I just returned from a girl's weekend in Vegas. We were staying at the Venetian. We had a lovely lunch in St. Mark's Square - which included copious amounts of red wine. Then we headed for the news shops at the Palazzo. Needless to say, we spent far more $$$ than we probably should have. The good news is, I came home with an incredibly beautiful large red Ramona, and boots to match. The boots were half price (but not the bag). I can highly recommend the Jiimmy Choo boutique in the Palazzo. The stock and staff were fabulous. We sipped champagne and spent all our money. I will try to post a modelling pic of the Ramona very soon. I am completely in love with the bag. I wore it to the Phantom of the Opera that night (along with the boots) and got several compliments. :smile:
  2. Oh yummy...are the boots red, too? Is this where they moved from the Venetian? Where is the new boutique located on the strip? I haven't been there since last fall...
  3. :drool:Red Ramona AND red boots?!!! Fabulous!!
  4. Yes, the boots are red as well. They had one pair left, and they just happened to be my size.

    The new JCboutique is in the shops at the Palazzo - which are connected to the Venetian's Grand Canal shops (so it hasn't moved that far away). The Palazzo shops are beautiful - lots of marble etc. It was my favourite shopping area as there really weren't any crowds. The Palazzo shops are all very upscale - no Banana Republic's there - but if you are looking for high end beautiful shops - they can't be beat. I can pretty much say the same thing about the shops at the Wynn - very beautiful. Oh, there is also a new Barney's New York in the Palazzo shops. It was weird though when I went in, I was pretty much the only customer in the shoe department!
  5. I found that the shops in the Venitian last year were the same. Very few customers. I liked it that the Choo boutique there had lots of sale stuff. My sister called it the outlet...
    Some friends and I are going to LV in early July so we will be shopping the new Choo boutique! Did you get over to the shopps at Ceasars? I can't wait...
  6. I did make it over to the Forum Shops at Caesars. They really do have a great variety of shops there. I didn't enjoy it as much as the shops on the Venetian side though because of the crowds. Unfortunately I was at the Forum Shops on a Saturday - which was a big mistake. There is a Jimmy Choo boutique in the Forum shops - but it was so crowded I couldn't even get in. I had the boutique in the Palazzo all to myself.

    I should warn you that not all the shops in the Palazzo are open yet - but there are more than enough places to spend your money. There is a nice Tory Burch boutique (much less crowded than the Forum shops boutique). The Ralph Lauren store is beautiful. There is a Louboutin boutique that is to die for.

    There is a great shop in the Forum shops, whose name I can never remember - but it carries Botkier, Longchamp, Tumi, and some other trendy handbag designers. It is near the Louis Vuitton boutique.
  7. Congrats on the Choos, horsetrader! I'm looking forward to pictures. And please post them in the reference library threads as well.
  8. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, this thread brings back fond memories of my own drinking/shopping excursions! :roflmfao: Dying to see pics of your red Ramona, horsetrader. Congrats and welcome to tPF! :drinkup:
  9. Thanks so much ladies. It is good to be here - and I will try and post my pics tonight - here and in the ref thread.
  10. Oh drunk shopping.... the best kind
  11. Yes, I agree that drunk shopping is fabulous!

    Looking forward to seeing your new finds. :tispy:
  12. Congrats horsetrader! Can't wait to see your pics!:yes:

    Not only that I learned from this thread where to tell my DH to go this summer when he visits Vegas but to suggest they go drinking first! Gotta love it! :graucho:
  13. Welcome and Congratulations Horsetrader on a Gorgeous combination (Red Ramona & Red Boots) :cutesy:

    Can't wait to see modeling photos and I will remember to never go drinking and shopping at the same time :drinkup: I do enough damage without adding alcohol to my shopping weakness :tispy:

    BTW... Does your name have anything to do with horse trading??
  14. I just picked the horsetrader name because the first internet shopping I was ever involved in was looking for a new horse.
  15. That's great! What kind of horses? I am going in on a Thoroughbred this Summer :yahoo: