The Dance Bag

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  1. Hello and happy Saturday!!

    I have done several searches and can't find any information on a bag called the Dance.

    I was talking to an SA over the phone the other day about his Pochette stock and he didn't have any, but he says there is a new bag that is the same size as the JPG Pochette called the Dance. He was quite hard to understand so I had him repeat it several times so I hope this is the correct name. He says the Dance is the same style as the Pochette, but it has a shoulder strap and that the strap can be removed to make it into a clutch.

    Can someone please attach a link if one exists?

    Thanks so much! M :flowers:
  2. It's called the Kelly Danse and there've been some discussions about it before. If you do a search for "Danse", I'm sure you'll get a few hits.
  3.'s Kelly Danse, and it's slightly taller than the Kelly Pochette and has a long, thin strap than can be worn singled, doubled or even as a waistband. I one on in etoupe swift and have only seen one other one, on ebay, in rose dragee. I love mine.