the Damier Pochette Wallet question

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  1. as my previous post mentioned... i gotten a Pochette Wallet in Damier and it was a displayed one (the one inside the drawer). i minded... then i don't since people touch ones in the storeroom as well when customers ask... but then i realize something... my wallet doesn't have as much sheen as my bag. also... you know how the leather surface on a Damier sort of pops out... lil' textures? for my wallet the surface texture is pretty flat. is this normal for a Damier wallet? i also have the Speedy 30 in Damier... and that one's not a display one i guess and it has this shine/sheen to it... but my wallet does not even though it's the same color/pattern in Damier. i barely got them almost at the same time... so i'm thinking since the wallet has been touched by a lot of people the leather has worned out a lot so it doesn't shine as much. not sure if you can tell but here's pictures:


    should i just exchangeit? also... do i have to return it to the SAME LV store i purchased it from or can i return it to a different one? i ask this b/c the one i went to don't have the Damier Pochette Wallet... that's why i got the display one since i love it so much. now that i see that it's not as "new" i.e. as sheen as my bag that's not a display... i'm having second thoughts. thank you sooo much for your help!
  2. I would. That's a noticeable difference to me.
  3. i think if it really does bother you, you should return it. you should be 110% happy about any purchase especially if you spend a pretty hefty amount :yes:

    i'll leave your other question about doing returns in a different store. haven't done that myself, although at the bottom of the LV receipt it says yes you can do so in any store within the country :wondering
  4. how long did you have your speedy?!!

    i have damier wallet and bags, but when i first bought them, they seemed 'flat' (same with mono stuff!).....they are older now and nice and shinny....

    i miss the 'flat-ness' on new damier and mono stuff!!!!

    i wouldn't worry about it and enjoy your new goodie.....congrats!
  5. i barely got my Speedy last Friday. i was wondering... since you also have a lot of Damier goodies... is the wallets slightly less sheen as the bags and the leather texture doesn't stick out as much? i just want to know if it's normal to be like that so i don't have to return it b/c the closest LV around me is about 20 miles away
  6. With use, the canvas will become "shinier". This was the case with my Illovo PM. When I first got it, it was pretty dull. Now it has a sheen to it, like the rest of my canvas bags. When I check out bags in the store, it appears that unless the bag has been handled quite a bit, the canvas isn't at all THAT shiny (compared to my well used bags, at least). This shouldn't really bother you...because if you go exchange it for another one, it'll probably be just as dull. Personally I don't find it to be a big deal at all...BUT if it really bugs you, you can specifically ask for a shiny canvas one and see if there's a difference :smile:

    Added: I think like the colour variation of both the monogram and damier canvas, the finish shininess may vary also.
  7. lovely!
  8. First off, if it bothers you, I would recommend to visit a boutique that carries the pochette wallet and compare them to see if you find the one you like better. You can do the exchange at any LV boutiques. (I've done that at least twice.)

    That being said, I agree with Karman and Sophia that the Damier canvas gets "shinier" with use.

    I bought Plat and French Purse at almost the same time (in 2003 I think), have used Plat everyday since and French only once, and Plat is much much shinier than French.

    I also think a structured bag may appear less shiny than a non-structured bag. My trousse make-up is shinier than my ribera or ellipse. Since most wallets are structured, that might be contributing to the less shiny look.

    Just imho from my experience.:smile:
  9. thanks a lot to everyone that helped me out and comforted me! i was in such a panic that i actually went all the way to another LV store that carried the Pochette Wallet. what happened was i showed the SA what i didn't like about the wallet where the sewing was a bit off (not going straight) and i told her i want the same one exchanging. she pretty much just took two from inside the drawer and asked me to pick and i asked her "i dont want a display one" and she told me "it's not... you saw me taking it out of the drawer." i compared the two and they're not shiny neither compared to the for-sure display one i got yesterday. i guess i feel more satisfied even though she still took one from the drawer and not the back (she claims it's not a display one... and the one i exchanged she just put it back in the drawer) since the one i have now doesn't have messed up sewing and have the white "price" tag (the one that says the product's name).

    thanks to everyone that helped me out!
  10. Wonderful!! Glad you are happy with your wallet now.
    Congrats and Enjoy!!:biggrin:
  11. glad you got it sorted out.