The Damier Géant Club

  1. I would like to introduce tu you the Damier Géant club so the lucky few can showcase your precious Damier Géant.
    I would like to start with perhaps the smallest and the best Damier Géant pice ever made the Mage in sable, sorry for being dilusional i just couldn't help it.
  2. Pionnier Backpack in Terre. One of my best purchases EVER!

  3. its my mages big brother...:nuts:
  4. in keeping with the family theme.... Matt's Pionnier has an identical twin:


  5. Lovely.
  6. HAHA delux! i want to add another member soon :sad:

  7. me too! but maybe after the Spring bags arrive. i wonder if we're looking into getting the same bag again :confused1:
  8. My first LV was of this line and I thought I woulden't buy anything else but this line, then it got ugly and I haven't bought a single piece of it later. Have to love it though, I think it's the perfect masculine line for those who don't like "discreetly stamped" luggage. =P
  9. i bought my backpack in Paris in 2003 and that photo was only taken a couple of months ago. as you can see, it still looks new :s how's yours Matt?
  10. ^
    Actually the flap problem "should've been" the same for yours, because even if I diden't touch it or uset it, the fibres being bended over edge of the flap (sort of) started to turn loose and break. I can't believe your looks perfect. Perhaps mine wasen't heat treated properly?
  11. Mine is just fine! it has a nice tan going which I could care a less about, the only skin I want tanned is mine lol. Its taking a little break right now lol
  12. i hope this isn't a boy's only club, because i'm crashing!!

    Here's my messenger:


  13. heres my loup loup !!
    DSC01700.JPG DSC01718.JPG
  14. ^^ npanitch we are bag twins too!!!;) I love this line!!!!!
  15. i'm thinking about the pionnier or the messager in black. i want more pics! haha...

    anyone have any further opinions on the two? backpack better? i just like the campy look of the pionnier.