The DAMIER club!!

  1. Wonderful DE collection!

    I have to take photos of mine which are also sleeping in the dustbags!

    Maybe we should have "The Sleeping Beauty Club" :biggrin:
  2. That is funny but a great idea for a new clubhouse. :smile:
  3. Thank you! :biggrin:
  4. How pretty :smile:
  5. LVoe!!! Everything is just gorgeous!!
  6. :woohoo: makes me want that speedy B even more! but now i'm torn between NF or the speedy B :nogood:
  7. Oh, tough choice!!! I use my speedy b more than NF. In fact I gave my NF to my mom. lol
    It's great because its so versatile. NF is great too but you only really have one option on how to wear it. :smile:
  8. Here is my Damier eben family 😍
  9. Hello. I finally have my speedy b de and she's so lovely.
  10. Yay!!!!! Nice choice!! Congrats! Modeling photos?? :smile:
  11. Oh i will i will this weekend while on the move LOL.:happydance: the mod pics of this forum made me decide to go with the speedy BDE, especially yours. I'll post it on the speedy B club. :smile: Merry Christmas Damier Ebene LVoers! :xtree: Happy Holidays.
  12. Wow,loving these.
  13. *~*Hey everyone!! Here is my small DE family...*~*


    Speedy 35
    Cosmetic Pouch
    Mini Pochette
    Zippy Wallet
  14. Beautiful collection!
    I am trying to find a reason to buy the mini pochette. What do you use yours for?
  15. *~*Thank you!! I just slip my iPhone in's easier for me to find it that way! Lol Every LV'er needs a Mini Pochette in their life ;) *~*