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  1. I'm sure that it was just a this one as I've never heard anyone ever complain of an issue with it,regardless I still love this purse and can't wait to get it back!
  2. This happened to mine as well after using it a few months. They are replacing the strap for free. Looking forward to getting it back soon!
  3. Hi all,
    I neeeed your help!
    Yesterday I got myself a Trevi PM. After I had a look at the Bloomsbury GM, I decided to take the Trevi.
    But now one day later, I am not so sure anymore, if I made the right decision!?
    I know both are so different in style! My style fits to both, as I like to dress casual as well as dressy!
    I already own a Damier Ebene Speedy 30.
    Shall I take the Trevi back and get the Bloomsbury GM. The difference in price is 520,00 Euro!
    I really need to 'hear' your opinions!
    By the way: I am 1,65 m tall.
  4. Please keep the Trevi PM. It is so classy and chic and you can wear it 2 ways.
    The Bloomsburry is only a crossbody. You can get it later on.

    I have the Trevi PM and the Bloomsburry PM. I love both but I feel xtra special with the Trevi because it is so chic, confy and elegant.

    The Blooms is for W.E. and it bothers me just to be able to wear is crossbody.

    If you want a crossbody maybe the Menilmontant ? since you already have Damier Ebene
  5. We are totally hijacking this thread, anywho, keep the trevi pm, it is so beautiful and you will fall in love with it. I love the trevi, it is so pretty and can be dressed up and down. Keep it before anymore price increase. Trevi is so sturdy and can be worn both ways, so classy. If you think of the price, keep the trevi, cuz it's only going to cost more! And, I'm thinking it spoke to you more the trevi. So keep it, I doubt you'll regret it.

    The bloomsbury can survive a price increase, but the trevi, not so much. Get it later. Love the damier ebene colleciton!
  6. Yes, keep the Trevi! You will regret it later when you decide to buy it again and the price has gone up.

    The Bloomsbury is great but you can get it later.
  7. Thank you so much for your opinion !:smile:
    I think I'll keep the Trevi and maybe later on I will buy the Bloomsbury as well. :blush:
    I love the damier ebene bags! They are so carefree!
    Thanks again!
  8. It looks great on you !!
    How tall are you ?
  9. Thank you!! :smile: I'm 5'5" but might appear taller with those wedge boots on ~ lol. :smile: Still loving the Bloomie it's a great bag.
  10. So I'm starting to use my Bloomsbury on the weekends now... loving it so much...

    But just a warning... the red lining has stained the edges of my cosmetics bag... it's just a Coach one so I don't care too much... but beware AZUR SLG owners!
  11. I am in with my new baby - Bloomsbury pm :yahoo:

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  12. Heh the lil lv gem looks like a skirt on u!
  13. oh yes, I didn't realize it! It looks like mini skirt on me :P
  14. I'm in as well! Just purchased the Bloomsbury GM and I'm happy I did! I'll post pics soon.
  15. i'm in too!!:biggrin:i just got the bloomsbury gm!! boy is it big!!! and fab!! i don't have a camera so no pics!! but i'm in the club!:biggrin: