The daily morning get dressed fight......

  1. I am lost in dealing with my 7 year old daughter. She is literally driving me crazy with getting dressed in the morning........Today I put on a cute outfit for her and she decided she did not like the top (hated it). OK so we do a skort/top outfit and I realize the skort from July is not too short on her and she can't wear it to school. So off that comes, then we do a new skirt and top and she looks really cute and she decided after eating as we leave for the bus she hates her top. There was nothing wrong with it. So she is crying at the bus...... UGH....... She is so stubborn in what she likes and dislikes. She refuses to wear dark colors, especially black. So if I have any clothing that I bought for her to grow in to and it fits now in dark colors she will not wear it. She will not wear jeans or any pants that have buttons and zippers. I just went thru her closet and cleared up her smaller clothing, she had a growth spur and it is hard to fit her because she is tall but has a tiny waist so I elastic waist clothing fits her the best. I just went online and ordered a few thinks from Boden USA (summer sale) and JC Penny. Also this morning she wanted braids in her hair but after I did it she hated it and wanted pony tails......
    Am I the only one dealing with this??????:confused1:
  2. It's frustrating, I know! The kiddies don't appreciate the fashion advice. A few suggestions that you could try are having her pick out her own outfit the night before, or picking out 2-3 outfits and having her choose. Also belts or a little wide elastic sewn on the inside of the waist might help with the fit. Maybe you can even involve her in picking out clothes to buy. I know kids change their minds frequently but she might feel more confident about her outfits if she picked it out (maybe out of the options you give her as in 1 pair pants, 1 skirt and 1 sweater). HTH!
  3. Uh one word...control issues. She is testing you. You have to do the following.
    1. Pick out the clothes the night before and tell her, whatever she picks, is what she has to wear. Give her time to decide and at that time also talk about how she wants her hair for the next day.

    2. If she tries to change in the morning..stick to your guns. You have to put her on the bus crying or not. I know its hard but she is testing you.

    3. Since clothes seem to really matter to her. Tell her if she picks out her clothes the night before and wears them for a week, you will buy her one new outfit. (she seems to need new stuff anyway right?).

    This is NOT about the clothes. Its about her manipulating you and her world. Mornings are stressful enough. You dont need this hassle and its not good for her to start her day that way.

    Its alot easier to make a stand at 7 then at 17. Trust me! :smile:
  4. ^ What she said .
  5. ^ Oh my Selena, I am writing every word you just typed down. I am still years from parenting, but I will be following every word of the advice you just gave. Bravo!!
  6. I agree w/ Selena, even w/ my 5 yr old we put the clothes out the night before. She's not fighting me yet, but I can see little glimpses of what's to come. . . she's starting to form an opinion, and her current opinion is that it should be a dress EVERYDAY! LOL!:heart
    About every 3 mos I make her try on anything in her closet that could be possibly too small and get it out, that way I'm never surprised and running late.
    Maybe you guys could go through her closet together and get rid of too small clothes and things she refuses to wear?
  7. We just went thru her closet about 3 months ago and I thought we got rid of everything that didn't fit her. I ordered her some new clothes and we will go shopping together soon. I just took her shopping at TJ Maxx about a month ago and we bought some cute things but they are more for fall weather and it is still warm here. I do give her the chance to pick out things for the next day, but then if it rains or she has art or gym she might change her mind last minute. She is happy with pretty things and says she is a girly girl and is now wanting her hair to look cute. I think she is learning this from some of the older girls here, they are in 4th grade and seem very in to fashion right down to the perfect sneakers. Today it was no problem, she wore carpri's and a pretty shirt and was happy as can be.