THe Da Vinci code

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  1. Is anybody here excited to see the Da Vinci code movie. I know I am, I've been waiting since last year. I absolutely loved the book!
    My DH told me yesterday that it might not be release in May. What has anyone else heard this. I just did a google search and saw that they are in trial right now. I hope it still releases in May:sad: , its like the only movie i'm looking forward to.
  2. I also read the book and loved it! I really hope that the movie is as exciting as the book!
  3. Try "Angels & Demons" by the same author -- same character, sort of same topic, not quite as fun but still good
  4. I remember seeing the comerical for it awhile ago. I think during the Olympics and thinking cool, but will wait a while to go see it when it does come out. I know everyone's going to rush to see it. I think it comes out in like May or June. I forgot which.
  5. haha funny you mention it, I read it right after.. thanks ..though..
    btw, it did keep me at the edge of my seat, with both books I read through in one night until my eyes were bloodshot.. :lol: :lol:
  6. Loooooved the book to death, I made my bf buy it and read it, lol. Movies made after books make me nervous, nonetheless, still looking forward to it!!
  7. I haven't heard anything about the release date for the movie being changed. Hope not, I was looking forward to seeing it in May :sad: I enjoyed both Angels & Demons and The DaVinci Code.
  8. I think my DH was confused when he said he saw it on the news. I didn't find anything about the date being changed.. I think Tom hanks will do good as langdon..
  9. I hope it's still in May, I can't wait to see what they have done and how they transposed the story
  10. Amazing books!!
  11. angels & demons is the prequel to the da vinci code right?
  12. Yes Fayden.. but I don't think many people read it before the da vinci code., I read it after..
    Can you believe they actually got to film in the louvre.. unbelievable.. they just couldn't use blood for the vitruvian man scene and couldn't point the lights and cameras directly at the paintings. and the monalisa had to be moved of course. (courtesy of Newsweek)
  13. wow, that's pretty cool, i can't wait to see the movie, but i haven't read the book yet! i've only read angels&demons so far.

    i'll definitely read it asap i only have 2 months left!
  14. well it's good you read it first because Da vinci code keeps referring back to things that happend in Rome. I won't say what for those who haven't read it. So when I was reading it I was like huh?? this is before I even knew their was a prequel.
  15. You won't need too much time. Everyone I knew read it the same day they got it. It's too hard to put down. You want to know what happens next. :amuse: