the cuttest yummiest candy ever!! by Ferragamo :)

  1. Me and my friend and her little sister went shopping two days ago..
    our hearts just fell apart when we first saw her!!
    My God.. we went completely insane!!

    The SA was laughing at us.. (i cant blame him!!) we were expressing our maddness in all sorts of words!!

    I hold her: awwwwwwwww isnt she a beauty!!

    Then my friend grabs her and heads to the mirror: doesnt she look like the cutest little squirrel ever!!

    Me: the color is just pure inocent candy!! :girlsigh:

    My friend: either of us should take her before someone else does!!

    and she ended up going home with me :tender:

    "did i mention its suede!!--->good luck to me!!" lo:huh:o:huh::huh:ool







    The End!!
    the bag.jpg whats inside.jpg miss candy.jpg holding it.jpg inside.jpg bunny.jpg
  2. That is adorable! Did you get the little stuffed animal too?
  3. Aww, it's so cute!
  4. l:huh::huh::huh::huh::huh:o:huh::huh:o:huh:ool Greenie!! bunny is one of my most beloved ones!!:love: my brother always teased me with a story he made about how bunny ended up with big feet!!:sad: << he'd say that bunny got hit by a trunk in a highway and his legs were smashed to his belly!! :crybaby:
    mean ole brother of mine!:hysteric:
  5. Very unique, great color!
  6. What a beautiful little bag! And the bunny is cute too!
  7. Cute bag and bunny!
  8. The color is great, it's so cute
  9. Greenie

    Thank you all :love: Sweet of you to pass by :shame:
    glad you liked it..:flowers:
    bunny says he wants more feedback from the rest of beloved PF members :angel:
  10. vanilla that bag is soooooo cute!!!! i love the color.....i love everything about it :tender:
  11. ur so silly, vanilla addict! i luv the bag and the bunny is adorable!
  12. Very cute!!
  13. wow. very very cute! love it!
  14. how cute!
  15. daregirl :flowers:

    :flowers: mahbag!

    TammyD :flowers:

    :flowers: athena

    spylove22 :flowers:

    thank you all for your sweet comments.. :love:
    it comes with a long shoulder strap too.. but i dont think i'll ever use it as a shoulder bag!
    the SA said it came in black too. while we saw a red one.. and another color i dont remember >> was too busy hugging this one! loool :P