The Cutie Mini Lin Club!!

  1. mini lin bucket!!! will post pics lateR! :yahoo:
  2. oooohhhh you beat me...I was going to start one!
    Here's my cles:


  3. ...deleted...need to watermark pic....
  4. here's the pic along with mr. damier the credit card holder...
  5. I'm in the club!:yahoo:

    here my beautiful and lovely :heart:Bucket:heart:

  6. mee too!! :wlae:
  7. :yahoo: Yay! I'm in the Mini Lin Club!!!! :love:

    (Just got her today and posted pics in main LV thread.)
    Mini Lin front.jpg Mini Lin side.jpg
  8. My Speedy Mini Lin.... :P

  9. So how long have you owned your mini lin bags. I am asking because I need to know whether they fade
  10. I have my Speedy almost 3 months, and it's in the same colour.

    Hope this help.. :smile:
  11. Thanx a lot
  12. YEY..I can finally join....I LOVE MY speedy && my first LV

  13. Love your bag beautifulbaby8!
  14. Beautiful bag, I know one side of the fabric is suppose to be upside down.. but can we choose a side that is less obvious? Just wondering. Thank you. Plus is the mini lin's fabric.. durable? is it expected to fade in a yr? I guess we don't really know. hope not, it is a gorgeous bag. (Be gentle. this is my fist posting..:shame: )
  15. Yeah I was wondering about the durability of the fabric too?