The CUTEST Youtube video!!! CHECK IT OUT!

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  1. Cute kids, but for some reason whenever I see something titled "cute video" I automatically assume it's going to be kittens or puppies. This one:

    ... is my idea of cute. The size of the guy's hand and the size of the kitten ... I'm just "awww." I love seeing a big guy being so tender.
  2. That's hilarious! :lol:

    I like this one. They're all soooo brave!!! :love:

  3. lol that baby laughing is hilarious! haha. Wow. Well of course I have to post my own video... lol... it's of my doggie that just passed away last month... he was eating an apple in the car, haha!

  4. I love these video too. They are not funny but just so cute and cudly!! awww~