The cutest purse...

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  1. I saw a black leather one at TJM just the other day it was over $200.00
  2. I have one in black satin/suede
  3. I think they came in coral, purple, black, and cream. I've also seen a black satin one as well.
  4. How adorable! Are you going to bid? Good luck if you do!
  5. ooh thanks everyone for the info!

    I was considering it but I've always found that suede is hard to keep clean. I'd love to have this bag in the black satin or I think it would look gorgeous in a metallic leather!
  6. It is cute, I was watching it myself. :smile:
  7. That's a pretty color.
  8. A coworker of mine had that purse in that's MUCH cuter in person!
  9. I saw it at TJ Maxx in the satin a while ago, it was pricey around $200.00 or so, but it was beautiful! Didn't they also make these in the Lurex fabric? And the tweed? Or am I mistaken??
  10. The buckle and bow are adorable touches.
  11. Awh! Super cute!
  12. Yes, yes! I have seen it in tweed with the most adorable pink velvet bow w/rhinestone!
  13. The style number for the leather version is 8a12. I just sold my black leather one on e*ay for $200 (only paid $120 Yay!). I still have the bordeaux which has pink stitching and a garnet red enameled buckle. I love these bags but definitely did not need two of them.

    The only thing I do not like about them is that they do not have the little cell phone pockets on the front wall. They only have one zipper pocket so my stuff tended to fall to the bottom.