The cutest hoodie ever!

  1. I've always been a Juicy fan, but this quite possibly may be the world's cutest hoodie ever. I just bought it today in dark blue. It's so darn comfortable! :love: It's nice and fitted and looks awesome with jeans :nuts:

  2. That's so cute! I bet it looks fabulous in dark blue.
  3. it looks cheesy in the ensemble, but i would DEFINITELY get that to wear with jeans! do you have a pic of the dark blue?
  4. ^^^ ITA it's too much with the shorts! Jeans would be way cuter :yes:
  5. LOL I thought the same thing when I saw the picture of it with the shorts - cheesy! :push: Here's a photo of it with a pair of cutoff knee-length jean shorts. Much cuter :p I can't find a picture of it in navy, it seems that only white is available online.

  6. i love that hoodie. i love juicy, i own over 35 hoddies and the shirred dress in every color. go juicy
  7. It looks really cute with a cut off jeans.
  8. that's adorable. I love Juicy. I feel like I wear it too much but I keep wanting more.
  9. cute find. i can only imagine how great it looks in the blue!
  10. Nice :biggrin: it'd be really cute with jeans!