The Cutest Bodyguard

  1. Don't you think so? :love:
    z1.jpg z2.jpg z3.jpg z4.jpg z5.jpg
  2. That's so cute!
  3. hehe thats so cute, you should make the last one into an icon and use it as your avatar :smile:
  4. so adorable, I would make a calendar out of it.
  5. :love: so cute!
  6. Awww ... :biggrin: Cute is the word!
  7. aww how adorable!
  8. Hahaha Love it !!! :heart:
  9. LOVE those pics!!!
  10. Aww.. that's so darling !
  11. I've seen these before. . . how?
    Are these your photos or have they gone around the net in e-mails?
    I can't put my finger on it!
    Adorable photos nonetheless
  12. Love the last one!
  13. AWW, that is the cutest thing ever. I love how the dog is on the baby in the 5th picture! :biggrin::love:
  14. How adorable! The last picture is my favorite.
  15. i agree, that last picture is the cutest. how adorable.
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