The Custom Order Club

  1. Obviously these days, the market focus has shifted somewhat for Vuitton; but I thought it would be a grand shame if there was no club dedicated to what Vuitton was originally about - Custom designed and made travel pieces :yes:

    Please share your stories/thoughts and hopefully, pictures of Custom items here.
    I'll be documenting the progress of my custom travel bag, which is currently in the early stages, within this thread.

    *Please keep this thread strictly to custom, pieces. I believe there is already a SO (Special orders of existing models in alternate canvas/leather) club.

    I hope to see some amazing pieces on here! :nuts:
  2. COMPLETELY unethical of me to post this picture, considering it is not Vuitton, BUT this Goyard custom trunk is too spectacular to not be seen. If anything let's make this an example of what the more creative/outlandish custom requests can result in.

    "Entertainment Center"
    A custom made block party trunk fitted with skate decks/iPod speakers system/pocket bike/bbq grill, designed and made by Toland Grinnell for Goyard.

    Ok - back to Vuitton! :p
  3. [​IMG][​IMG]

    The Krug Trunk

    Krug, the champagne producer renowned for its prestigious vintages, has joined forces with Pinel & Pinel, the luxury custom trunk designer, to create an exceptional item – the Krug Trunk. These respected establishments, both of which share values, know-how and excellent craftsmanship, have invented an ingeniously designed luxury accessory. The Krug Trunk offers the peak experience for those who enjoy fine champagne.

    The dark brown colt-hide exterior features corrosion-proof nickel-plated copper corners, hinges and handles, giving this trunk the ruggedness to withstand long voyages. The Krug signature appears in nickel-plated letters on the trunk lid which may also be personalized with the owner’s name or monogram
    The interior, lined with stunning red calfskin, features clever drawers to contain all of the accessories that the true Krug enthusiast could possibly require or imagine.
    From the ice-bucket designed by François Bauchet, to the tulip glasses, from the WMF truffle grater to the mother-of-pearl caviar spoons, the Krug Trunk is the ultimate expression of luxury, fit for traveling in style.

    Another ingenious feature is that the trunk lid folds out to make an elegant table, while a wool and cashmere tablecloth, fine china and four leather stools appear as if by magic, ready for a sumptuous picnic, or an impromptu celebration.
    And above all, the Krug Trunk also comes equipped with three bottles of Krug Grande Cuvée, a superb champagne, and the establishment’s flagship brand.
    700 hours of fine workmanship goes into each Krug Trunk, of which only 30 copies are available, truly making it an exclusive item and the ultimate accessory for Krug aficionados.

    (Published on Novembre 14th, 2005)