The curse of the Asian: I have no nose!

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  1. Who's with me!!!???
    Between having no nose and a hellaciously wide face, I used to have a miserable time finding frames for my eyeglasses.
    Well, I got my eyes zapped, so no more glasses (yay!) but I still have a horrible time finding sunglasses.

    The only style that really works on me are ones with those little nose pieces. Otherwise they just sit on my cheeks, with no nose contact whatsoever. :sad: My white-boy husband thinks it's cute and hilarious, I think it's :mad:. I see all of these cute sunglasses, but they are not for me.
  2. i'm asian as well. i'm so w/ u!
  3. Yes, me too. I 'm coming to terms with the fact slowly even though my husband think this nose thing is cute.
  4. Me too! The style that works best for me are the ones with nosepieces... :sigh:
  5. 100% know where you're coming from being an asian girl myself :amazed::amazed:.

    HATE IT!! it`s so frustrating :mad::mad:.
  6. lol i was talking about this in one of my theads too......i went sunglass shopping the other weekend and tried on almost every pair in the store and seriously every pair floated like 2 inches away from my face or else got stuck on my cheeks, never reaching my nose......i've resigned myself to the fact that i can only wear sunglasses with the nose pieces.......i want an oversized pair of chanels soooooo bad but my stupid face won't let me wear them :sad:
  7. The last time I was at my optician I saw these little silicone clear pads that can be stuck to the inside bridge of the sunglasses or eyeglasses. Many people have a narrow bridge on the nose or low bridge and these help. My stepdaughter has this problem and we bought them for her. They cost like $3 for a pack of 6. See if you can find some and try them to see if they help the sunglasses.
  8. One more thing: I have a fairly narrow bridge too and I've found that BCBG makes oversized sunglasses that have more "bridge" support on them. I've tried Chanels, Kate Spade, etc and they all feel like they are going to fall off. Macy's here sells BCBG so you might try them. They are not Chanel but they are still pretty cute.
  9. lol I knoooow! You just have to keep looking. I have some sunglasses that fit fine without the nose piece thing, but it's sucks when you see the most gorgeous sunglasses ever and they look stupid on your face. =(
  10. haha! i sympathize with you all too! i have no nose and cheeks to spare so everything i try on rests on my cheeks and go up when i smile! its so annoying! i used to work as an optician and in my class the instructor even told the class that if they could adjust the nosepads to fit my face and find a frame that fit me properly they would pass the class! haha...oh my!
  11. i like that we have small noses!! it makes kissing less complicated.. there's a difference between kissing a white guy with a big nose and an asian guy with a smaller nose. one of my guy friends said that he needs to adjust his angle when kissing a white girl. :amuse: so it's not a curse!
  12. I hear ya... in my youth my nose was quite aquiline for an asian, but I've noticed the nose has spread over the years.. blecchh

    Anyway, I've done this -- the optometrist really didn't want to do it, but I insisted he put the nose thingies on my Alain Mikli-style glasses... I just didn't want to wear another pair of metal aviators or circles or rectangles anymore. It worked pretty well. I don't think anyone noticed the nose pads at all.

    Another style that seems to work for me are the wrap arounds. They are close to the face, and the glasses hug your temples, so they don't really have a chance to slide down the bridge of your nose.
  13. Never thought about this before....I have a problem wear the sunglasses touch my nose, but then slide down all the time. :lol:
  14. I have wraparounds for my running sunglasses, are are right- they stay put, even while I jog.

    My problem is that I don't like the way wraparounds look. Good point about adding the nose thingies, I did not consider that option.
  15. Imagine how much they would slide if you had no nose!
    My post is tongue firmly in cheek...but considering how Asians make up a huge chunk of the consumer world nowadays, you'd think there would be more sunglass styles friendly to our flat faces. :biggrin: