The Cruises in NYC

  1. Katie Holmes hops around a few NYC buildings while out and about around midtown Manhattan on Thursday. She wore head-to-toe black including a trench coat, leggings, oversized sunglasses and a shoulder bag.
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  2. Meanwhile Tom Cruise attends an advance screening of his upcoming wartime suspense tale Lions For Lambs on Thursday held at the Pelham Picture House in the Westchester County of New York. He also stayed for a Q&A session with movie critics and regular movie theater-goers.
    The Robert Redford-directed film is based on a platoon of soldiers stationed in Afghanistan, a senator, a reporter, and a college professor. This is the first United Artists film produced by Tom and producing partner Paula Wagner, since Tom, 45, fell out with Paramount Pictures. Release date: November 9, 2007.
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  3. They both look great!
  4. Great pics!
  5. Katie Holmes strolls around the Upper East Side of Manhattan with daughter Suri, 17 months, on Friday morning.
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  6. Suri's getting cuter and cuter! She looks a lot like her parents and she has the cutest outfit ever!
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  7. Suri is a doll, but I must say that neither of my kids had a bottle at that age!
  8. I actually saw Katie and Suri yesterday. The first thing I noticed is her excellent security. Big body guard with them and two big SUV trailing them in the street. I was crossing Lex/79th. and they were crossing the other way w/the body guard who was putting his hand out in front of turning traffic. Suri was walking holding Katie's hand. After I crossed I realized who it was and I stopped and turned to look because no one else seemed to notice them. I considered snapping a pic w/my phone from across the street but the security guard was staring straight at me so I just kept walking. It made me think...if Tom can afford such great security why does Britney insist on driving herself around?
  9. Suri is such a cutie! Look at her beautiful eyes.
  10. suri is so cute!!
  11. I could care less about Tom and Katie but Suri is just sooo cute! She makes the funniest faces.
  12. Why is it that we never see Isabella and Connor anymore? Or see pics of Tom & Katie at their sporting events...:s

    P.S. I :heart: Katie's chunky ring that she's wearing on her index finger...beautiful!
  13. looking good!
  14. ahh, Suri is such a CUTIE!
  15. Tom Cruise rushes his adorable 17-month-old daughter Suri into his midtown Manhattan hotel on Friday night after a short visit to a private studio.
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