The Cruise Clan arrive in niece

  1. Tom Cruise and wife Katie Holmes arrive in Nice, France via private jet on Monday with their 14-month-old daughter Suri.
    After attending David Beckham’s last soccer game in Madrid, the Cruise clan arrived in France with all matching head-to-toe white and off-white ensembles including Katie in a pair of short shorts.
    Even Suri’s teddy bear matches! (Katie’s carrying it.)
    Tom.jpg Tom2.jpg Tom3.jpg Tom4.jpg Tom5.jpg
  2. More pics
    Katie.jpg Katie2.jpg Katie3.jpg Katie4.jpg
  3. You forgot to mention what they do in France? I know it and it boggles my mind:
    Tom Cruise is such a high-level loonie...errr scientologist he is allowed to wed other scientologists. Lol.
  4. I can't get enough of this couple, I love them, just fabulous together!
    Great pics as always Karo, Thank!
  5. I love these two....thanks for the pics!!
  6. Good thing Katie is tall. Or else I couldn't tell who is who.
  7. i love katies new hair cut.
  8. I don't know what they'redoing there. This is what I've found on

    "Cruise and Holmes have been in Germany for several days negotiating financing for a film about an attempt to assassinate Hitler and are expected to remain in Europe for the wedding of Cruise's friend James Packer, the Australian billionaire who flew the Cruises to the Maldives on his private jet for a honeymoon aboard his yacht the day after they wed in Rome."

    So probably they're just relaxing there.

  9. ITA ! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  10. They visit places, they are rich people why not go places !!!
  11. Thanks for the pictures. It is kind of cute that they all match and Suri is getting so big.
  12. As well as performing the wedding of that rich friend, that is.
  13. He looks funny lately.
  14. ^^
    not liking how katie looks here almost like victoria B. Haircut, gaunt look around the colour bone area hmmm..
  15. Anyone know the designer of Katie's dress? I love it! The sleeves are so cute! I have an Armani jacket with sleeves like that and I know she is close with him (wedding dress, etc.) perhaps it is Armani? Any info would be great, TIA.