The Crown Jewel is back! May I present my Pochette Art Deco Prototype

  1. Ladies and Gentlemen,

    She is finally back :nuts:

    Without much further ado, may I present to you my Pochette Art Deco Prototype :love:


    I am SOOOO excited right now. I just got off work and SO surprised me with it. LV called today and he went to pick it up this afternoon. Isn't she extravagant?! :nuts:

    I'm sorry for the scarce pictures at the moment, but I was at work all day and having a civil law final tomorrow :shame: I'll definitely be back with lots of more and more detailed pictures!

    Thanks for reading! :flowers:
  2. Whoa, that's so COOL!!!! Congratulations! And good luck on the final.
  3. FAB FAB FAB!!!!!!! perfect condition
  4. that is absolutely [​IMG] congratulations on such a great find!
  5. That is fabulous!!! What is the story behind it again Mara???
  6. HOT! LOVE that handle!
  7. :drool: OMG..... Extravagant!!!!
    mmm..... Yummm.......
    Congratulations~~~~! looks fabulous:graucho:
  8. Wow, how different!! I've never seen this before, it's stunning!! Congrats!
  9. OH MY!!!!!!!!!! She is STUNNING!!!! crown jewel indeed, GORGEOUS!

    cant wait to see more pics!
  10. OMG the condition!! Its like brand new!!! OMG you are soo lucky to get a bag like that!! CONGRATS!!! Cant wait to see more pics! x
  11. Beautiful! You have to take her out soon.
  12. so pretty, congrats!!
  13. It's gorgeous!
  14. OMG I can't belive you finally got it:nuts: stingray+croc=:drool:

    so exited for you im doing the happy dance:happydance:
  15. Its so unique.I LVoe it and congrats