The Crossings-Tannersville?

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  1. Anybody been there recently. How's it looking? I was thinking of maybe taking a ride out and picking up some goodies but don't want to make the trip if there's nothing there!
  2. *Bump* Anyone?
  3. Last time I was there was just before Thanksgiving. Sorry. :sad: The times I have been there though, they always have good stuff. It seems much less picked over than other outlets I have been to, and they are quite large (and expanding into another store front next store). If you call and ask for Cheryl, she's a great SA who will give you the low down on what is new.
  4. i was at the outlet on tuesday 2/17. They were getting ready for their grand re-opening on friday the 20th. They are expanding the store. The sa told me that they are getting a new floor set in which most of us know , they are now going to carry sneakers, they are also getting in more sunglasses which are going to be on sale for 99$ , and more retail stuff because they are expanding there 50% shelf to double its size now. I wish i could take a trip there tomorrow but i cant , however i will definelty be going to an outlet jst not that one because its like 2 hours away from me :sad:. In the future i will def. go back the sa's were really nice to me there and cant wait to see the new store in full swing.
  5. I went and saw the "new" store, and it's HUGE! I know they said it's bigger than the other outlets in the area. Definitely bigger than Lancaster or Woodbury IMO.

    In terms of what they had, I wasn't impressed. Mostly made for outlet bags. The only full price stuff I noticed were the typical things everyone has: pleated ergo satchels, Carlys, sig stripe, and soho line. Other than that I saw 1 red patent Peyton, 1 pink suede Haversack, 1 fabric orange Ellie that was dirty, and ummmmm some of the Resort things. 1 drawstring bag in coral, and the shoulder bags in coral, purple, and black patent... I think they were still just over $200.
  6. Thats real dissapointing :tdown: hope you didnt have to drive very far. did they get the shoes in? if so what kind and how much?
  7. I'm glad I decided not to go today... I would have been bummed.
  8. all of the outlets have been carrying two different kinds of sneakers, the kirby (#Q999, remake of an older style from my understanding) in fuschia, black, and white sateen, and the dee (i believe #Q998, pretty similar to the barrett) in white and khaki optic. HTH!
  9. Oh ok thank you for letting me know i will make a trip up to the crossings sometime in the near future. :smile:
  10. It's like 70 miles each way, but I wanted to do some clothes shopping & I have to pay tax @ Woodbury so it wasn't a wasted trip!

    The sneakers I saw were the same ones coachislove mentioned.

    Good luck on your next trip! The store is beautiful :yes:

    ETA: I forgot they also had a table of Carly carryalls. Sunnies, belts, jewelry, etc. I'm sure this store will be awesome when they have more full price stock in.... plenty of room for it!
  11. today tannersville had 2 red patent peytons,2 teal and 1 espresso lindsay,2 new pouch in punch all 50% off. lots of carlys. ponytail scarves $10. ergo satchels 50% off, around $150. no sabrinas, a few op art accessories, the red white and blue ones, hamptons wallets, including teal, capacity wristlets, 2 cranberry madison cross body's that were scratched with sticky zippers. more stuff but i can't remember it all.
  12. I'll be heading over there in the late afternoon.. I'll post an update when I get back :smile:
  13. Okay, I was there yesterday afternoon, there were a few melon op art sabrinas, a whole table of maggies.. I'm not a huge fan of the maggies, so I don't know the color names. A lot of parker stuff was still there, especially in violet, amanda clutches in all of the colors and also the embossed. There were still alot of zoes, but mainly MFF. There was also quite a few turnlock totes at 50% off, in case anyone is still looking. Thats all I can think of, but if anyone has something specific that they're looking for, just say so.. it might jog my memory.
  14. I went this morning and this is what I saw:
    • Julianne- White Patent, Grass, Spectator (lavender/blue I think)
    • Sabrina- there were a lot, but only the green patent sticks out in my mind
    • Madison Shoulder- A few Op Art, Pink, Tan, Parchment
    • Madison Accessories- Wristlets in Black, Grass, Ginger, Amethyst?, Pink Ikat; lots of wallets in a a ton of colors, there were small espresso studded ones
    • Maggies- Cinnamon? in large, crackle-y looking metallic ones, and a few others
    • a Final Sale KIRA!! ($498) (I couldn't find anything wrong)
    • a Final Sale BROOKE!!! ($149) (a few almost un-noticable spots)
    • Zoe- there were a lot left, but mainly MFF, I didn't look too closely
    • Parker- A few here and there, one sand kisslock, a mushroom shoulder zip, a lot of violet, tons of wallets and wristlets, I saw a SA walking around with a Pink Pearl Small Hippie.
    I think that was it :smile:
  15. I was there right before closing and this is what I saw:
    -Large Sabrinas in Patent Coral, Patent Plum and Cherry
    -A few Ali hobos (brown signature, mahogany? leather, and a few others)
    -A few Ali clutches in papaya
    -A few violet parker bags
    -2 of those small, crinkle-y looking maggies in gold
    -Older Zoes on clearance (fawn, siggy with red trim, both of the metallic colors, and a few others)
    -MFF- tattersall graffiti totes, heritage stripe in all styles, signature stripe in a few colors, new zoes (yellow leather, pink signature with white trim, light grey-ish signature, and white leather with tan trim (kind of like the parchment, but tan instead of metallic))