The cross buckle Prince boot. Who has them.

  1. They don't have a platform right? However they still sport a four inch heel. Are they comfortable?????? Can jeans slip into them pretty good?
  2. Hi What do you mean Cross Buckle Prince? I have the boots that were popular last year with the wrap around strap do you mean those? I have them in the lower heel, the brown from last year and this season's black.They are sooo comfortable and I tuck my jeans into them. hope this helps.
  3. Do you know where to get them???????????? :nuts: Tell me tell me! Please??? These are the calf height boots with buckles?
  4. They don't have a platform but they are extremely comfortable!

    I think they're pretty much sold out everywhere. They were sold out in January at all the Saks's I called (NY, KOP, Boston). You can get them on eBay. Even on eBay they're still less than the $1150 retail price.
  5. Ooh those are very pretty!
  6. Thanks for the link, and that's exactly the boots I'm after!

    Honestly though, I don't know if they are authentic... Can you post pics when you get them? These boots are so popular, how's could the seller have so many pairs to sell? I've seen them on ioffer, so I'm not entirely confident... :sad:

  7. Valid concerns and I am taking a risk. I only had their feedbacks to go by for my decision and they were good. These people sell lots of different designers in a smathering of shoe sizes. Communication is excellent I will say.

    They offered to send me all the pictures I wanted offline, they guarentee the product but because of low prices, they're final sale (like an Intermix sale). I opted to not look at pics because I was scared they would sell out by the time I got them (foolish I know).

    Bean YOU ask for pics, let's see what they do? Unfortunately it's too late for me.

    Now if they are invalid I will raise a stink and see what happens.

  8. Hi I looked at the ioffer boots, now they reeked fake to me. Although they looked pretty darn cute for the money. The heel was off (too narrow) and the toe is also too narrow. Also no close ups with a person wearing them (I know, that's not enough either). However, the icing on the cake, the seller is from China and they never said anywhere that they guarentee authenticity of the boot.
  9. ^^ True, the ones you bought do look good! Unfortunately they don't have my size. About a month back, a few sellers were selling these boots in my size (US 6), but after seeing them on ioffer I was to skeptical to bid coz not having see the boots for IRL, I had no idea what they are suppose to look like. And at that time there was 5-6 sellers selling the same shoe...rang warning bells for me. I should have investigated further! :sad:
  10. :p
    My boots are authentic, last night I asked for more pictures and they complied to the umph degree. I asked to look at the heel, Chloe stamp in the shoe and on the outside, stitching and the leather interior lining. All dead on, the real thing (I have a NM Chloe boot to compare too). This Tenduet sells fabulous shoes, keep checking for your size. I bought the last size 9 (the only size they had) Ioffer had them in every size. Trenduet had three and they flew out the door.

    Read their feedback it's good. BUT all sales are final.
  11. I just got my Chloe boots last night and I was also worried about the comfort but they are amazing.....Mine are the two buckle high boots...They should be 4 inch heels but mine measured 3.

    They are AMAZINGLY comfortable.
  12. That's really very reassuring and I believe it since the tall Edith's are incredibly comfortable.

    Mona, you got the ultimate coolest Chloe boots. Mine are great, yours are greater!!!!!!!!
  13. Thanks....I really did luck out with pictures when you get yours!