the croc guide is awesome!

  1. a STANDING OVATION to GT and everyone else who put together that great piece of information for us -- just wanted you to know how much it is appreciated!
  2. Me is still waiting for mine to appear in my inbox. Cant wait to read it.
  3. YES THANKS GREENTEA AND EVERYONE ELSE!!! it was lovely and informative, and TALK about EYE CANDY!!!
  4. thank you so much for the information.... i appreciate that a great deal.. thanks again to those who worked hard to develop it..
  5. wow, what a nice present to wake up to this morning! thanks GT!!!
  6. Ditto! Could'nt have said it better myself.
  7. I must be missing something here... croc guide? Where is it?
    Edit: Never mind! I see it, how could I have missed this, I was only not on tPF or a day!
  8. Thank you so much, the guide is great.
  9. Yes, it is!!
  10. The croc guide is terrific. The only problem is that it makes me really want a croc Birkin. I thought I wanted another leather one, but I'm swooning over the croc ones.
  11. Your welcome!
  12. *clapping* Brava to Greentea!!!! Thank you!
  13. :drinks: Cheers to Greentea and the others who made the guide! I found it very helpful!!
  14. Yup, got it and thank u very much guys (who compile that guide and distribute it).
  15. Thank so much for the guide! I appreciate the hard work that went into the compilation of the guide and the links to the comparison photos are an excellent reference! WOW! Thanks again!