The Crazy Screaming Lady

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  1. On Saturday after noon we had my granddaughters sixth birthday at the local Chuck E Cheeses during the party I grabbed my handbag (my Paddington) and popped outside to have a smoke. As I was stand there a group of women were walking across the parking lot towards the mall entrance, I saw them but didn’t pay any mind to them, suddenly one of them was right in my face. Her face was red with rage, I really thought she was going to hit me but she looked at my darling Paddington then into my face and started saying to me (this is not verbatim) that “it’s people like you that care more about fashion or looking superior that keeps some people in this country and third world countries down” she pointed at my bag and said “ that hand bag could feed a third world child for several years or dig a well in an African village” she went on saying other stuff but I was in complete shock and missed a lot of it. Her cronies had come to stand around us at some point and one of them grabbed the mad woman’s arm and dragged her away. Well she made me feel like complete poo, shallow and vain, I’m also sorry to say she made me cry ( and I do not cry easy) I had to go set in my car until I could pull myself back together and go back to my granddaughters party. I have never had anyone treat me like this before. It’s Tuesday and I can still hear her voice in my head. I guess it’s just with everything else going on this winter she was the last straw for me.
  2. What gives her, a complete stranger, the right to speak to you like that? Did you say anything in response? I find it interesting that she has the nerve to say something to you about your bag, but she must know what kind of bag that is. The paddington isn't the most obvious expensive bag there is, she must have known the designer and how much it costs. Does she spend all of her time hunting down the latest expensive designer accessories, finds people wearing these items and then goes postal on them?

    What a whack job.

    Don't worry about it. It's your life, your bag. None of her business. I would have told her where she could shove her unwanted opinion :suspiciou
  3. Oh my god, how horrible ! Honestly, what right is it of hers to go and shoot her mouth off over someone's handbag. Freedom of speech doesn't mean you should go and exercise it left and right. She completely decontextualized the whole situation - what if you donate more than the paddy to charity per year, what if the bag was not real (never for our PF members.. but still, possible !).. and outside of Chuck E. Cheese, I'm glad your granddaughter didn't have to witness this !! I hope you do feel better, she's obviously lost any semblence to civility. :sad:
  4. HELLO? SHE is JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Dont let her bug you...sounds like she needs a little visit with a shrink.....Good grief..I dont know what I would have done if someone did that to me...Probably laughed in her face???!
  5. Wow...I don't even know what to say. I am so sorry you had to go through that. It kills me that people can be so mean and outspoken. I have only said something to a stranger twice in my life; once I saw a man BEATING his dog in the parking lot of a Wegmans, the other time was to a women who pulled in next to me at the mall with a two year old in the front seat (no seatbelt, let alone carseat!!)

    I bet that women felt like a real idiot after her rant. Sometimes people just live in that moment and seriously regret it after the fact.

    Don't let someone like that get you down. I can see how sometimes we may feel a little guilt. Yes, I may have some nice handbags but we do our part for charity. During Hurricane Katrina we donated almost two weeks salary for the relief efforts plus I donated my time taking phone calls for pledges for the American Red Cross. If people want to assume someone is shallow because of what someone wears or carries, then they need to get a life. She does not know you or anything about you.

    I hope you feel better! We are here for you!!
  6. Smacked her in the face with the paddy?

    Just kidding. What a creep. She is probably one of those really bitter people who never could afford a single thing to make her happy (not talking about just bags, but like any item she might have enjoyed) and tried to replace it with holier-than-thou help-the-needy righteousness.
    She was just trying to bother someone, anyone and you were an obvious target with a bag that she's probably only ever seen in a tattered magazine at the hairdresser's.


    You are a lovely person and should enjoy everything wonderful in your life: your family, bags and whatever makes you happy.
    Don't let some rabid idiot ruin it for you.
  7. awwwww, don't let her get you down!

    I bet you adore your paddy ( who wouldn't!) and no one has any right to take that adoration away. I wouldn't say she's some bitter jealous, non-affluent woman ( judgemental) but I totally wouldn't listen to anyone who has the nerve to yell at a complete stranger about something so silly. It just seems so irrelevent to me, people are allowed to get nice things that enrich their life in their own way, I'm sure you're a very wonderful person and I wouldn't let her bother you.

  8. I'm the type to aggitate the situation more and would have pulled everything out of my bag and had her calculate how many countries I could feed. :P
  9. :lol: I bet she'd have choked trying to find something nastier to say.

    If you let her bother you, she's won. Don't! You have us to coo over your bags, forget the crazy "bag" ;)

  10. I love it; I wish I would have done that. :lol:

    It happened so fast that I couldn’t even comprehend what was going on until she was dragged away. When I first saw her I thought she was going to hassle me about smoking. (I was standing in the smoking area big ashtray big red sign.) So I just stood there with my mouth hanging open. Great come back. Huh?
  11. Sorry for the foul language but F$%^ Her .the money she was about to spend in the mall , she could of sent it to the third world country , or to someone less fortunate ....She had no right to speak to you like that ... i tell ya some people get on my nerve

    Dont let her take you down to her level of ignorance

  12. Now thats just terrible. No one has the right to tell others how they should or shouldn't spend their money. Even if you didn't buy the paddy and instead sent the money to a 3rd world country they would STILL be starving. It takes more than money to fix those problems but I digress. I would have whacked her with the paddy, seriously. You never know what nutty people will do.
  13. How dare she say that? What gives a complete stranger a right to say something like that? Don't feel shallow and vain, enjoy your paddy!
  14. That crazy lady is in the mall--she's already making her own contributions to corporate capitalism and various unknown sweat shops. You are not the oppressor. In fact, she sounds pretty oppressive herself. Rudeness doesn't feed the world. And neither does self-sacrifice. I hope this doesn't impact upon your enjoyment of your purse. You helped feed the families of those who work making Paddies. Their children deserve not to starve as well. ALL children deserve not to, but that's another soapbox.
  15. Your bag could have paid for her psychiatric care as well!

    What a nutjob!