The crazy project to dye a Linda

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  1. Well-I have done several dying and restoring projects during the years..
    The results were...ähm mixed ;)
    This time the project was not only the colour change, but also a handcraft job- the thread that has to be restitched as I must remove it before the dying process.
    First of all I should say-the result was successful-though I had my doubts during the colour straping process which took hours!

    I used: 4 bottles Fiebings deglazer
    1bottle Fiebings oil dye in chocolate
    1 bottle Fiebings Acrylic Resolene in brown
    beige acrylic thread in 0,8 mm

    tons of rubber gloves, old towels, and old terry towels to remove the top coat from the bag.

    First of all I needed a bag and found a brand new Linda in a colour that reminds me of an old bathroom..pale green:greengrin:

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  2. #2 May 5, 2016
    Last edited: May 5, 2016
    As I had to remove almost every thread I took pictures of every detail that the restiching
    will look the same -almost the same as it did before.

    Than I removed almost all of the threads-except a few that the bag does not fall to pieces
    and to cover the hardware.

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  3. The next step was the most important and the most intensive part-the top coat of the colour had to be removed conscientiously.
    If I didn't the dye could not penetrate the leather evenly.
    That took about 6 hours on the balcony and a bad headache as the smell of the preparer is horrible.
    I covered the leather lining with tape and a plastic bag and applyed the first layer of the dye.

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  4. The colour was not too even and had a little bronce touch that I already new from a dying project of a black Balenciaga.
    The second layer made the colour deeper and after the third the result was good enough to come to an end with the dye.

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  5. #5 May 5, 2016
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    Than the bag had to dry 24 hours and afterterwards to be buffed to remove the excess of the dye.
    It was still a little bronce but that disappeared after applying the resolene.
    The pic shows a little green undertone which wasn't there irl.
    That gives the colour a deep and saturated colour and protects the surface a little.
    The flap has already been treated with the Resolene-the body is still 'naked'.
    I don't like using anything on this amazing leather that coveres and just lays on the top of the surface like paint!

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  6. The rest was just sewing.
    I had the pics to compare where to start and where to end and surely to fix the parts together before.
    Some of them had fallen apard during the procedure and had the be re-glued.
    And her is the result:
    It is just the little part arround the plaque that reminds me of the old bathroom colour it had before the procedure.
    No need to say that the leather was creamed a hundered times with leather balm and leather lotion and it is still soft and amazing!
    Fantastic quality FENDI makes!!!!!

    Thank you for sharing my crazy idea and the -fortunately -happy result with you!

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  7. I thoroughly enjoyed reading through this thread, Muppet! The completed bag looks amazing; beautiful. I like that the original color of the bag still remains around the leather surrounding the plaque.
  8. Thank you!

    Yes-it is the commemorative plaque for the old bathroom!:P
  9. Wonderful result, Muppet18! And what a process! :tup:
  10. Wow! So professionally done. You even restitched it!

  11. Absolutely amazing effort!!!! And what a result!

    So, if you didn't seal the body with resolene will the new colour stay put? Are you worried it might rub off?

    Looks amazing and the contrast stitching really makes it pop.

    Yes, the original isn't an easy colour to wear...

    E x
  12. Thanks you.

    Well -I used resolene in brown.:cool:
  13. My God! I always admire people can do such thing! What a great job you did! :tup::tup:
  14. Thank you:shame::shame:
    Well- you must be crazy enough and should have a little experience in dying leather and leather restoring..
    It was so much fun to do that, that I am already looking for a new'patient' to restore!:angel:
  15. Such an amazing thread. The fact that you re-stitched the bag as well... Bravo!