The Craziest Shopping Spree Ever


Dec 22, 2006
So, guess the title tells you pretty much what's all about:shame:
What was the biggest Shopping Craze you ever did?
And i don't necessarily mean in terms of spending.
You bought something that 2 days later you found dull or you spent all the money on something that says V.A.N.I.T.Y. just so that you could show off?


P.S.: Honesty will be much appreciated :yes:
Hi, I just edited another post of yours.
Please be VERY aware that we are super duper strict about selling here, absolutely NO mentioning of selling, wanting to sell, eBay IDs, auctions, etc. . . you've been warned more than enough times. . . just a friendly FINAL reminder.
I don't know if it's necessarily 'crazy,' but I impulsively spent a huge chuck 'o' change back in 2000 on a sapphire, diamond and white gold cocktail ring, which is now my everyday "right hand ring." I got it in St. Thomas and it's been love love love everyday for the last 6+ years!

On the handbag front, I guess it would be 9 verrry nice bags over the past 6 months since joining tPF. That's a shopping spree for me even though spread out, as I had not really spent a lot on bags before joining here, go figure! And I couldn't be happier.
Me and my ex once spent 10k at Union Square in San Francisco. We hit up LV, I got a Epi backpack,Epi Honfleur and an Epi briefcase there. Then off to Burberry for a purse and wallet, a bracelet at Tiff and CO and last stop was at Dunhill (nothing at Dunhill for me). Good times.