the CRAZIEST looking spy ever! take a look!

  1. just released some new spies in the "fall preview" link under the shoes/handbags section. is this NOT the CRAZIEST spy you have ever seen???? what do y'all think of this one?

    also, there is the tribal spy and the sequin zucca spy available.
    fendilargesequin1.jpg fendilargesequin2.jpg fenditribalspy.jpg fendizuccasequinspy.jpg fendizuccasequinspy2.jpg
  2. I like the way they did the zucca one. The first one is pretty crazy looking, but I kinda like it. I'm sure the price is astronomical.
  3. I love the first one!!! I want it!!
  4. I really am digging the zucca sequin there. I wish I could see the sequins more carefully. The others aren't screaming out to me nearly as much...
  5. first one is crazy. hehe.
  6. BTW, shopping do you have a link to the fall preview? I can't find it on the front page.

    Nevermind, found it.
  7. I love the zucca one also, would love to see it IRL. The other one is a bit much. My SA told me yesterday they are also getting an Eggplant with gold beads which should be interesting
  8. The third one is amazing. They are such great colors. It looks spectacular!!!
  9. i am intrigued by the "crazy" spy, and am wondering if they came up with this concept because of all the leather scraps laying around everywhere. :p
  10. I sure love that tribal spy but the one with the giant sequins is not me.
  11. The first one looks kind of diseased.. :wtf:
  12. Ugly...
  13. I kinds like the first and second one.
  14. The first one is just weird!!:wtf: