The CRAZIEST Commercial EVER


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Feb 5, 2006
Ok, so I'm trying to catch up with the day's events since I've been working all day. So as I'm checking my email, someone has sent me an H&M commercial from You Tube. I'm not really into all these You Tube things, but this one I watched....all five minutes of it. It was the longest commercial ever.

IMO it doesn't make sense and it really doesn't make me want to buy something from H&M. It just made me roll on the floor in laughter...I don't know if that's bad. But I just think this whole thing was a joke. What do you think?

YouTube - Tamyra Gray H&M Commercial And I Am Telling You
Hey! Isn't that the guy from the third Bring It On movie?? Not that I watch it, my 10 year old does.

Never would've guessed that it was a commercial for jeans. I would've guessed it was a public service announcement on gangs!
It's an odd commercial. I didn't get what they were selling, and I stopped it after the first two minutes.

But I like that song.

"And I am telling you, I am not going . . . . "
OMGosh, those of you that didn't make it too the end, you didn't even SEE the worst parts. Tamyra gets off the ground and starts pushing people and then lifts up her cell phone. Why? I don't know. Not once did she pick up a phone to save her beloved Romeo, but the Ambulance and police showed up.

You gotta love her floating from her fire escape though! :roflmfao: