The *CRAZIEST* Balenciaga story I've EVER HEARD.

  1. :wtf:

    This morning my SA told my that one of her clients bought a white GGH city 3 months ago and came in the other day and said, "Oh I threw it in the dumpster because there was a mark on the back of it."

  2. :wtf::wtf::wtf:

    talk about more money than sense :wtf: or a pretty serious case of ocd!
  3. Could that lady be just joking?
    But if its true, i think she could at least give it away or something.
    Thats almost like throwing a baby into the dumpster! :wtf:
  4. She shouldn't be allowed near bbags if she's going to treat them like that. They have feelings too!
  5. A manicurist at the salon I go to has an apple green city she said she was probably going to toss. Now granted, the thing isn't in the mint condition but she could probably get a few hundred bucks for the thing at least.
  6. Perhaps she was being sarcastic...?
  7. I can understand if you have that much money why you wouldn't want the hassle of selling or repairing it, but wouldn't you at least give it to a friend or a charity?
  8. Hey, Can you find out which dumpster it was tossed in!
  9. ^^:roflmfao:
  10. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sorry where did you say the dumpster is? consider me in it.
  11. And a new trend is born: dumpster diving for Bbags!

    Ewww... ;)
  12. ^^ I was about to suggest we form a get together to go dumpster diving in that neighborhood! That would be some dedication to Bbags!
  13. I'm in for the dumpster diving!!! I can't even IMAGINE throwing a bbag- really any purse- away. :wtf: At least donate it!
  14. ^^:roflmfao:
    seriously, what a whacko! does she use $100's as TP too?! at least she could have given it to someone - Goodwill or something...
  15. Back off girlies!!! Hands off my bag! I asked first!:boxing: