The Covenant

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  1. Very curious here ... Who here has gone to see "The Covenant"? The trailer looks like it's going to suck. It appears to be a movie with special effects and eye candy. I read the review on IMDB and the rating was not very good. For those who had seen it, what are your thoughts?

    I do know that there's a scene where the bad guy kissed the main guy though. It's good to know that mainstream films are finally becoming more open to this subject - even though in this case it's more like a kiss of Death than anything else.
  2. The kiss was nothing, haha. I saw it with my boyfriend a couple days ago. It wasn't too bad.
  3. hey I love special effects & eye candy LOL Nothing wrong w/ that. This movie looks okay I'm waiting for it to come out on dvd though.
  4. I liked this movie..
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