1. Yay, I was looking for one already started but there wasn't one. So I'm not sure if it's just cuz it's not that popular of a bag or what...........but I love it. It was my first LV!! So here is my Coussin GM.

    Here is a pic of me modeling it the day I got it in Las Vegas (from the look on my face in the 1st pic, you can def tell it's my 1st ever lv!):


  2. lovely! you look great with it!
  3. uh I can't be the only one w/this bag..............any other coussin owners out there??
  4. :tup: Count me in! :yes:
  5. Is the coussin discontinued??

  6. Yes. :yes: Which absolutely sucks because I LOVE this bag. But, it always gets pushed aside for other bags. :push:
  7. WoW! I never knew there was a Coussin Club! I'm in! I love that I never see it on the street. In fact, she gets plenty of looks because I guess it was never popular. It's my go to bag when I need to be hands free and light weight. I'm horrible about stuffing a bag and making it weigh a ton (my poor back) but my Coussin GM won't let me.