The Courtney Cox Bag

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  1. I would like to know how many people like it and think it is worth the money?? Help Thanks
  2. I have the dark grey one, a jumbo one, and for me, it's totally worth the $$. It's so soft, once I held it in my hands, I can't put it back. I love the chain, it is great, and totally hip. I personally :heart::heart::heart::heart: it.
  3. Can you post a photo for us since there's no bag actually called a Courteney Cox bag.
  4. Would love to see a pic of the bag you are talking about.
  5. ^^ I particularly love that bag in black. It's gorgeous!
  6. oooh pretty! very classic.
  7. Here's another picture of mine... The label is actually "noir" or black.. but it's very much a Dark gray tone (trying to get over my ALWAYS a black bag routine! HA) - that's why I got it - looks great with jeans.. but can also work with navy, plums etc... slightlly different than black. The chain has a "burnished" look to it - not shiney - very "edgy"!


    here it is compared to the black Cotton Club tote so you can see a bit of the color difference
  8. Did this ever come in the medium? Is it the same price as a normal medium flap?

    JBug, I love both your bags!!
  9. I bought this but then returned it since I have so many flaps, I believe it was $2495...
  10. I purchased mine in August from NM it's the jumbo size - it was $2595. Not sure if it came in any other sizes!

  11. that bag is GORGEOUS! Go for it.
  12. The Chanel boutiques in the US don't have the distressed caviar in Jumbo but they have the distressed lambskin. Does Courtney have the Lambskin or Caviar?

    Has anyone seen both leathers in this style? Does the lambskin appear to have more grey undertones than the caviar?

    Please help! I don't have any boutiques I can go to that stock these so I can't judge.