the Courier: Pop or Dark Neutral??

  1. I've been aching to get the Courier, but haven't been able to figure out whether I want a pop of a bright color or a dark neutral.

    Would a bright pop be overwhelming in that big size?(I'm 5'3"on a good day, I'm usually in between 5'2" - 5'3") I do love big bags(my favorite style is the Work:heart:), and I do love how the Courier looks in pics:yes:

    Should I wait until spring and get EB, Magenta, or Sage?
    Rouge Vif would be nice,too...

    Or should I get a dark neutral like the Plomb(if I can find it), or even Ink??

    Tell me what you think:tender:
  2. I still haven't gotten a courier, though I would have gone with grape if I could have easily found one. I think EB or Sage would be great possible choices, sort of in between your two categories in a way.
  3. I am going to say dark neutral on this one. I have tried it in RV, white & emerald and all of these bags were sold after about 1 month each. I have always thought about an Ink...Hmmm...

    Anyway, I think the Courrier would look fabulous in one of the Brown's.

    Good luck!
  4. dark neutral - I love this bag in Violet (but then again I think I love every bag in Violet!)
  5. I'm voting dark neutral. I have a courier in Sapin and it's perfect. I love the look of lighter ones and pop colors, but that's a lot of bag to keep clean. The shape and size of the courier lends itself to be tossed around a bit, and it's easier with a darker color.
  6. oh my gosh tooshies! we're very much alike!! i love the Work style too and the next (2nd) bbag on my wishlist is also a courier!!! i would have to vote for a dark neutral color because with its size, it'd be like, too 'out there' if it was in a pop color, you know? im actually aiming for a plomb, or some dark blue, or even a black one for mine (someday). anyway, congrats in advance!!
  7. hmm... i don't know. it's a cool shape - more casual, would you say? so again i'd look to the wardrobe to make the decision. i don't know why but cos the courier's a cross-over bag, it kinda reminds me of the new Coach Bleecker duffles so i'd refer to their webbie for ideas. the colours of the bags and garb are amazing (they have a magenta too!). i esp love wine, other than the bottle green and ink. there's a carefree boho feel about the entire look that i dig so much :heart: i don't have the vertical advantage so i doubt the courier's for me.
  8. heya "K" Tooshies! my bad, I just realised that I didnt say anything about your courier dilemma in the email! oops! did you see Cityoflight's modelling pics of her violet courier? from what I remember she's the same height as us... so its good reference... I love big bags too as you should already know... but I find that the courier may be too big for me... its one of those that I'm gona have to try on IRL before I buy...
  9. Tooshies.......I love my Plomb Courier. I use it all the time. I'm not much taller than you.......barely 5'5" and 105 lbs. It's big and I love it. I'm thinking about EB in this style as well. I think EB will look more neutral with RH and it's not as flashy as FB. Both colors (plomb and EB) will look great in this style.
  10. I know, I keep going back and forth....I think a pop would be really interesting, but I worry that it'd be too high maintenance because it's so big and it's the kind of bag that you toss it around...

    Keep them coming!!!:yes:
  11. addicted: You think it'd be too big for us?? I know, you didn't answer my Courier dilemma!!!:p The Violet Courier looks fantastic on cityoflight, but I have an Eggplant WE, so I'd like to avoid that one.

    cracker: Your pics of Plomb Courier actually confirmed that I NEED one!:p Just like you convinced me that I NEED a PT...:rolleyes:
    I just really don't know what to do! Plomb or EB.....Perhaps Plomb would be easier to take care of, and perhaps EB in other style like Work or PT would be less high maintenance?

  12. "K" - oh I didnt mean you try the violet courier... i meant as reference on how the size would look on us... I think for this bag, I'd say a darker color... like EB :graucho:!

    I agree with you though, Cracker's pics always suck me into certain bags! shes responsible for a few of my debts! :p

    btw, I just finished writing a long email reply to someone! :sweatdrop::p
  13. I'd vote for a darker neutral... actually I really like cracker's idea of an EB courier.
  14. ITA!! I think this bag looks great in the darker colors like Ink, Plomb or Black :graucho: What ever you choose, I'm sure it will have the most amazing leather ever - You have that gift!! :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  15. addicted: Gotcha!:tup:

    bern: So you consider EB a dark neutral? I thought it'd be considered a pop, as it's supposed to be really bright? So a pop would be better, then?

    Purse: :graucho: Oh, thanks, I'm working on it:rolleyes: