The Courier - My 2007 Sleeper Hit!

  1. I gave birth in November and have been looking for the perfect mom-and-baby (and 4-and 6- year olds) bag for a while now. Despite my deep love for Balenciaga, I pretty much ruled it out because I figured a City wouldn't work, the Work doesn't go over my shoulders nicely, the WE is HUGE, and the Day doesn't hold enough for all of us.

    Well thanks to this forum, I discovered the Courier. I found a violet Courier on Real Deal Collection and it's perfect! The leather is thick and just distressed enough. The pockets are huge so I can keep my things separate from the baby's, and I don't have to go hunting around.. Best of all, I can spend the day shopping and still be hands free at the end of it all:yes:

    I love how it looks, and prefer wearing it over the shoulder than cross-body. I'm only 5'2" but am not overwhelmed by it at all!! I highly recommend it to all mommies out there and everyone else looking for a B-bag that holds just a little more...
  2. Pics pics pics!

    PS - Congrats :smile:
  3. oooohhh! Yah! Pics, mom please. I am so in your world girl, just a few years more into it. My kids are 9, 8 and 4. i wish I would have known about the courier when I had my last baby.
  4. Hey Shasta, same for me. I'm one year ahead of you, my three kids are 10, 8 (almost nine) and 5. :smile: Wish I had a courier when they were littler (come to think of it, I wouldn't mind having one now!).

    Hipnymom, I'd love to see pictures of you modeling. Congratulations.
  5. I would love to see pics too! :flowers:
  6. Hi everyone!! pardon my duh moments... I had intended to post pics but the lighting is not good at all now. But maybe I'll take some tonight and add some tomorrow when the light is (hopefully) better
  7. Ok, here they are:smile:

    First, my Violet courier - lots and lots of luscious Bal leather:drool:
    I love the leather on this bag - very thick and just the right amount of distressed. It still needs to be broken in:yes:
    DSC01457.jpg DSC01458.jpg DSC01459.jpg
  8. What goes inside...

    Outside pocket: 2 cellphones, keys, hand gel, pen
    Inside pocket: long wallet, card case, coin purse (make-up kit;))
    Main compartment: Patemm pad, blanket, outfits, diapers, wipes. And there is still room for SO MUCH MORE:tup:
    DSC01465.jpg DSC01467.jpg DSC01470.jpg
  9. Comparison pics with Day (I don't own a WE)
    DSC01460.jpg DSC01462.jpg DSC01463.jpg DSC01464.jpg
  10. Courier vs Day vs City
    DSC01472.jpg DSC01473.jpg
  11. I'm so glad to hear that you like the Courier as a Baby Bag!! I just got the Shopping Style in preparation for my Baby that is coming in March. I will have to consider the Courier too! Glad to hear you don't feel overwhelmed with it. That was my main concern. Congrats on your new little one!!!!:yahoo:
  12. And some modeling pics -please excuse my just-had-a-baby figure. i'm 5'2" and weigh tons:smile:

    Pic 1: over the shoulder with strap at shortest length
    Pic 2: Cross-body with strap lengthened
    Pic 3: my Turqoise Day
    violet07mod.jpg violet07mod2.jpg turq05mod.jpg
  13. Thanks, Erica! I do find it a bit large and harder to get into when worn cross-body (plus I sometimes wear my baby in a sling and I don't know how that would work LOL). But over the shoulder, the extra leather just tends to drape down and I think it looks just fine:smile: Good luck with your new addition!
  14. Thank you so much for all the wonderful pics!! What a great style!!
  15. Looks great on you and you'll love it as a mum, congrats!