The Courier in Plomb/Steel............

  1. I got it!!!! :yahoo: It finally came in and I love it! :heart: The majority of the bag is super wrinkly. It has gorgeous soft, thick leather and I can't keep my hands off of it. The color is almost black but much softer so I can wear it with almost everything. I love this style so I think I see a brown one in my future............another search begins. Here's some pics..........

    oh, and there was a member that pm'ed me awhile back about this particular bag and where she could find one.......I accidently deleated the message and I don't remember who it was. If you see this, pm me and I'll give you the info.



  2. i loooove this bag soo much.

    congrats on such a rare gorgeous find!
  3. Wow, it looks so yummy!!! Look at ALL that leather!! :drool: congrats!
  4. Yummy!! Congrats on finding your bag. I saw plomb IRL and it is a really pretty color.
  5. Congrats!! :p
  6. Cracker I always look forward to your photos! love them!
  7. It's a beautiful bag, Cracker. I'm glad you found her!
  8. Congrats Cracker:tup:

    Geez, I never realized the Courier was sooooo big!:nuts: I bet you can fit a ton in that baby.
  9. :nuts: WoW~ This looks absolutely stunning!!! Gorgeous leather! CONGRATS~
  10. It's such an amazing color~it looks fabulous on the courier!!!:heart::love::heart: The courier is my favorite style!!!!:heart: The leather looks so smooshy~ YUM!!!!!!!!!!:drool::drool:

  11. Simply gorgeous! Congrats!
  12. LOVE that color!!! Congrats!!! :smile:
  13. YUMMY! Modeling pics, cracker?!
  14. :heart: Gorgeous!!!
    I love the courier... it drapes beautifully.

    ^ I second the request for modeling pics!!! :biggrin:
  15. coNGrats on your new addition Cracker!!! SHe's a Beaut!!! :tup: