The cost of making a LV handbag

  1. does anyone know how much does it really cost to make say a multicolor speedy 30? can't be more than a 100 bucks right? who gets most of the profits from the handbags?
  2. I don't even think it's that much. And who gets the most profit? I wouldn't know, I guess it depends on who has the highest salary in LVMH. ;)

    Oh, And I guess it depens on what you mean by cost of making? Is it how much a craftsman is payed to assemble the speedy? Or included the cost of materials, transport of materials, dyes/treatment etc?
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  4. to pay the people labor to make these bags and the materials and the silkscreening process is expensive for making the mc

    its more than $100
  5. I'd think it'd be more than $100 the Mc is silk screen printed 33 times any mistakes durring that and it's back to the beginning there is potential for a lot of wastage.
  6. I think it's more than a $100?

    who knows?
  7. With the different canvases and the special silk screen LE items would definitely cost more than $100 to craft an individual item.
  8. I don't want to know! I love mc line and can't buy any more if I know that they mark it up that much. (I'm covering my eyes now):noggin:
  9. I double that:rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  10. If I recall, somewhere else on this forum...I think LVMH said the profit on LV items was 40% (Which is alot, but still it costs alot more then $100 to make the speedy!)
  11. I think it costs them a lot more to make the MC Speedy! The bags are very high quality!
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  13. You can't just take the flat cost of making an LV bag- condiser how much they have to spend to sell an LV:
    -boutiques (rent, displays, furniture, electricity, etc.)
    -employees (SAs, security guards, repairmem, etc.)
    -shipping costs
  14. I would say $200.
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