The cost of coffee!

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  1. I'm a cheap bastard when it comes to coffee. Sorry ladies, if you come over for a cup of joe, you'll be drinking sheer crap. I do keep expensive gin on hand, though, so I can make you a decent martini.

    Well, unless you come in the next few days because I bought a little baggie of gourmet coffee. I drink probably a 4-cup pot of coffee everyday and my gosh, I'm running through this little baggie! For you ladies who drink Starbucks or Seattle's Best or Peet's or whater fancy coffee, isn't it pricey?! Maybe I put too much in... I don't know, but this $10 baggie is going to last me like all of 5 days.
  2. A pound of coffee generally lasts me about two weeks, give or take. But I only make one pot per day at home, usually. You should be using one coffee measure (2 Tbsp) for every two 6-oz. cups of coffee (the numbers on the side of the pot usually indicate 6-oz cups).

    I'm a Peet's devotée myself. I've been a bit of a coffee snob for most of my life, once I discovered what the good stuff tastes like. I buy the beans whole and grind as I need.
  3. I'm not a coffee drinker :sad: But I do go to starbucks once in a while and I suppose it adds up!
  4. Dude. Coffee is way too expensive! I've recently started on Starbucks just because everything in London is expensive, but it's ridiculous! 5 bucks for a cup of coffee!! And for some reason, I'm eating out more here (London) than I was when I was back home (NY, Boston). Somehow, when I'm at school, $7 seems a lot for dinner. But in the city, 7 pounds is NOTHING.

    Thank god I don't drink coffee often! Maybe it seems so expensive because it doesn't last, whereas handbags, clothes, etc. will be there.
  5. lol When my dad went back to Shanghai last year, he hadn't been in a long time. When he went to a coffee shop they would serve him these tiny little cups of coffee, so he just kept ordering more and more and more until he had his fill, then threw like $20 on the table. The manager comes running after him and is like, "SIR THAT's $200 YOU OWE US!!!" He didn't know coffee was a luxury in China! Hilarious. I wish I could have seen my dad's face.
  6. ^^^:lol: I wouldnt have known either!
  7. HAHAHA!! You always think things in China are so cheap, but it adds up VERY fast! What part of China is your family originally from? Whenever my parents go back (which is often since they go on business), they spend more in 1-2 months than they do half a year at home!
  8. I usually just get something like Maxwell house, lol. I drink my coffee black in the morning, and it tastes just fine to me.

    I do love treating myself to vanilla lattes at starbucks though. :smile: they're delicious.
  9. Too funny!

    My parents got a bucket of chicken in China when they were still working there and they felt bad cause it was a lot of money to lots of people there. Here, a bucket of chicken isn't pricey at all and it's normal for just about anyone to get it.
  10. On the topic, I don't drink coffee. I do have those icy cold drinks Starbucks have once in a while. In Strawberry of course. It has whipped cream on top. Frappe maybe?
  11. I usually drink coffee when I'm at work...and it's free! I don't make it at home usually. Once in a great while I'll get a latte at Starbucks. I guess I'm not a heavy coffee drinker.
  12. I used to pay a 4-5 pound for a coffee in London becuase I didn't have any choice, now I think it's ridiculous. Starbucks coffee is just...yikes (don't kill me). I am used to strong smooth European coffee (when I lived in continental Europe), that's why Starbucks never works in the continent. Now we have a good coffee machine and grinder to make fresh coffee everyday, I make my husband coffee to bring to work every morning, not only it's better coffee, it also saves us so much $$, seriously. He still needs to buy a cup in the afternoon though. Let's say $3 a coffee, you need 2 a day, two person in the household, that's $360 a month! Just think in handbag terms!

    (p.s. is a very informative site for coffee drinkers)
  13. KK! Very interesting. I'm a total coffee layman so I didn't notice anything too different about European coffee and Starbucks coffee, except the former was better than the latter. Or maybe it felt that way because I was in a beautiful cafe in Europe! Can you tell me a little more about what you think of Starbucks coffee? Just curious!
  14. Big coffee lover here, hubby too. We grind fresh roasted beans too except I muck it up by loving the flavored coffees. I'll give up food, cosmetic type treats, sweets but never ever coffee!

    Hmmm...I'm thinking how much I've saved this past year from not buying Starbucks daily and of course giving up cigarettes...why, I should be able to buy a new bag!:idea:
  15. coffee costs me $0! i hate the taste of coffee...i don't know why but i don't even like the smell. once in a while i go buy a vanilla cream frap but that's the only thing i drink at starbucks!