The Cost of Chanel

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  1. I'm sure this sounds all whiney and stuff, but I have a genuine interest about why Chanel bags are $1000+, whereas their sunglasses are pretty competitive in price. (I have a pair and love them to pieces!!! They are more in my splurge price range)

    I know they are a very established brand, etc, but I was wondering if there was something that made them more special, like a manufacturing process or something! I dream of owning a Chanel someday, but I have a ton of school loans before I can have actual fun with my money.

    Thanks you guys! I know you are all full of knowledge and I am excited to tap into that.

  2. I believe they are hand made, which makes them more expensive.
  3. Yes, they are handmade. in italy or France whose craftsmen are the highest paid in the world...not like most bags that are made in China.

    They are really expensive tho, you're right about that! The price keeps going up too...
  4. there's a few threads about this, but all of the above ;)
  5. When I leaf through the catalogs and mags it seems like all the major designer bags cost whopping amounts of $$. Is it a race to see who can outprice the next designer. If so, this may be playing a large role in the frequent price hikes at Chanel. I'm loyal to Chanel so I don't know if the price hikes are occuring at the other houses.

    Arm9047, I can relate to your $$ situation. Back when times were a lot leaner for me, I bought Chanel earrings. I have quite a collection of them, in fact.
  6. ooo! Earrings are a great idea! My gosh, my boyfriend is gonna get so angry with me :angel:
  7. I think maybe the declining dollar against the euro may have something to do with the price hikes.

    I live in NY and in the Times is very common to see ads for high-end purses in the $2,000 - $3,000 range. I think it is just a trend.
  8. i think the reason for the price hikes would be because of the increasing demand for chanel. i just wished they also improve on their quality.
  9. Why? What is wrong with the quality of chanel bags? I have read here somewhere that the quality of chanel is poor. Can other chanel owners verify this?
  10. Oops, 3 year old thread.
    There's already several threads regarding Chanel's quality, please join a more current conversation that's more on topic w/ your inquiry.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.