The correct way to measure the birkin

  1. ive been so curious. I was measuring my old 30cm birkin and kept measuring it at 28.75cm- 29cm. its short 1cm! do you measure it across (diagonally) the bag like a computer screen?

    that really baffled me there. :confused1:
  2. my 32 Kelly is actually 33cm, if that makes you feel any better, tresor!
  3. thanks grandFonds.. so that means they don't really make the bag measurements to a tee?
    so in effect a 35cm could actually be measured at 34.5cm? how odd!
  4. Yup, I noticed that the measurements aren't exactly "28cm" or "32cm" etc., etc.
  5. My SA said that with Kellys, sellier Kelly has a higher likelihood of having the correct measurement vs. the souple bags.
  6. Hi! I've also noticed my current 40cm B looks a tad smaller than my previous 40cm B. I was worried at first since I had bought it from a re-seller but I think B bags being handmade there's bound to be some minor irregularities.
  7. The measurement should be taken length-wise.
  8. I measured my 30 Birkin and it was exactly 30cm.

    My two 32cm HACs are not the same widths. ;)
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