The Corner sale

  1. ooooooooo...missoni shoes!! Yay! This is the Yoox sister site for current year's merchandise I think!
  2. Yes! They also have Diego Dolcinis, a brand I can't find anywhere, they're one of only two places in the US that carry them.
  3. any code?
  4. Just had an email with a code!!!
  5. Any new codes??
  6. What happened to the sale section, I had couple items I was watching and they just disappeared. Does anyone know if they will have any sale soon?
  7. Any new codes or sale update info?
  8. None right now but if I get an email I will update. Thanks for bumping.
  9. Private Sale, 30% off with the code THECORNERPRIVATE@SS12. You have to have an account.
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    Doesn't work for me and I shop there all the time. Is it just for the US?

    edit: I've tried it on the US site and it works there, so none for us Europeans (yet).
  11. thanks so much for posting. saved a ton off a ps11 bag, although still too expensive...:nuts:
  12. Thanks BittyMonkey for posting -
    got a Rick Owens leather jacket.......still too much $$, but couldn't resist!
    And yes, I am in the US.....