The "copy" feature when posting

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  1. Just wondering if there is a way the site can be modified so we can highlight and right click our post as we are in the process of writing it and have the option to "copy". I like to copy my posts and put in to Word to save once several sentences are written because a couple times in the middle of a long post the site went "dead" and I lost my post.

    Just about everywhere on the Web we can right click and get the little menu that lists some version of: "undo, cut, copy, paste, delete, select all."

    Right now there is no "copy" option in the tPF posting box. We can use Cntrl C but it seems like if there is something already in my clipboard that it won't "take". I have lost entire posts trying to use the Cntrl C coding.

    Would love to see the "copy" option!

  2. Not sure if that is an option, but Vlad will know!! I will make sure he sees this :tup:
  3. I am not sure what you mean, because I can copy and paste the contents I write just fine. We do not disable right-click, perhaps it's a matter of your browser not displaying it correctly. Either way, the clipboard is a system function that has nothing to do with our forum, really.

    Hope that makes sense, I wouldn't know what else to recommend, really. :push:
  4. Gosh, this is really weird, then. The right click works for me but the choice list does not include "copy". It's a really long list but "copy" isn't on it. "Paste" is, but not "copy". I use I.E. 7.0 and this is the only case where I can't right click and "copy".

    Hmmm, I just now tried Firefox and with that browser I do get "copy" on the list.

    I gotta figure this out.... it's a mystery to me!!

  5. I just now tried it at work and I get the same menu, without "Copy".

    When you guys are in the posting box and highlight and right click, does your menu show "copy" on the list when using I.E. 7.0 ??