The Coolest Pf'er Ever!

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  1. Remember back when Pippi lost her Eiffel Tower keychain.I picked her up a new one in Paris last month.......and sent it to her.

    Today...I just got the mail and guess what is inside.......A GORGEOUS pair of earrings she MADE for me!!!
    My daughter is already trying to steal them..I wont let her..LOL!
    Thanks so much to Pippi..LOVES the earrings..I will be wearing them tomorrow!!!:wlae:
    Just goes to show how AMAZING she is and how sweet she was to send me a pair of earrings...The PF rules!:heart:
    (will try to post pics of them tonight..gotta go help DD with a school project!)
    Thanks again Pippi!
  2. Awww, that's so sweet! Everyone on the PF is always really nice and considerate!! :love:
  3. How nice!! The PFers are so supportive and helpful!
  4. That is so sweet! Everyone at the purse forum is so nice and supportive! Can't wait to see pics.
  5. That's awesome! Yay for PF love!
  6. So nice! Nice to hear PF'ers helping each other!
  7. Aww! That's sweet of both of you. I love it when nice things like this happen.
  8. Such a great story!!! Very cool!
  9. both of you are so sweet :flowers:
  10. with good actions comes good rewards =)

    that was so nice of you to pick up the keychain for Pippi Jill! And Pippi, what a great thank you gift!!
  11. What both of you have done is so nice and considerate.................
  12. That is so sweet.
  13. It sounds like you both are very thoughtful and sweet. Pfers are the best!
  14. You both rock!!
  15. Aw-that was very nice of her-and of you! I bet the earrings are gorgy!!